Thursday, November 18, 2010

OMG! OMG! [Fashion Alert! :D]

OMG! OMG! OMG! ... OK, I'll try and stop. But OMG! This is happening! I can't believe it!

What is happening? Lanvin! In H&M stores! Soon!

I'm no fashionista, never will be. I don't like fashion for itself, for being in any way up to date or trendy. Far be it from me. =] But I do consider choosing my clothes an important aspect of my life, just as I do make up. Not because I'm vain or anything or because I care too much about the way I look. For me all this is part of the world around me, its closest elements, things I can feel on my skin, see around my body, etc. So it is of huge importance for me to have them "right", which normally depends on my mood rather than any rule or anything.

I do have my own style, which has nothing to do with the latest trends. Most of the time the two clash (they did so continually in the 90s when one could only find glittery pastel colors everywhere) but sometimes a harmonious synthesis exists, which is what drives me to hunt down items, rush to stores and spend hours and hours browsing the racks.

The past two years have been like that. I don't know what's possessed the masterminds that have mostly been busy designing 80s inspired animal prints and piling color on color lately, but they have come up with a few looks based on much earlier trends that just put a spell on me and I can't stay away from the shop (window)s. Among retailers my shrine has been at the Italian brand Promod's stores and when I wasn't clearing the hangers there I was gauging at the looks a number of designers (the list would draw on too long) put on stage. Glam rock flappers flooded those stages and all I could do was sip on my pomegranate  juice and say ooooh and aaaaah -- and hunt for those trends among the racks of clothes (mostly glittery tropical colored leggings and shirts...).

And now a comet has appeared on the dark sky of 2010 fashion. Sure it's been a sky studded by stars but they were so far away from me (that is, my purse). But now, now this one will hit the earth (or stores to be more exact) very close and I feel it will be my Armageddon too.

LANVIN FOR H&M is hitting stores soon.

Sure the collection features a host of 80s inspired items. But look at those... those delicate colors and frills and those 40s-50s figures! Look at the flowers and beads and the coats and dresses that seem to be  leaping out of an Audry Hepburn movie or from an old old Chanel catwalk. Waving me forward, to get lost among their frills.

I'm not in love. No. Clothes would never have such a hold over me. But they do take me away, covered in lilac mist, floating above the smoking rooftops of Paris, London, New York, Geneva and even Budapest, the sparkles of these calm cities spread under my bare feet, musk and vanilla in the air, and yes, deep bergamot, and I'm wearing nothing but the mist and cheerful red lipstick and I know those houses are full of gentlemen and outrageous young women and some orchestra playing tango. And I want to float on like this forever. Not caring what time or age it is. For as long as I'm clad in frills and flowers, or riding boots and white shirts, I can feel that the world around me can never change so much in principles. Anything at arms length can be the most high tech and up to date. But my heart is covered in sweet vanilla and deep bergamot and what I wear should always reflect that.

So this is how I booked my first row ticket to the opening of the Lanvin collection, determined to sleep on the doorstep of our local H&M. Fortunately locals don't get up so early. =)


  1. See you at the front doorstep!! :-). Do you think they'll be queues like the Jimmy choo H& M release? Thank goodness its on a Tues, not a Sat like last time:-)

  2. I'm sure it's gonna be even "worse". There's been a huge hype and there are lots of fashionistas and bored shopaholics is Geneva =) But anyway, it's all worth it. I hope we'll all be able to get what we have set our hearts on! ;)