Friday, November 26, 2010

Leggings Aren't Pants -- well, most leggings... =)

Hi there. I'm one of those people who believe in diversity, the greater the better. I don't think fashion is in any way to determine what one wears or to prescribe one's style. From year to year, season to season it provides one with new ideas and inspirations and it should stand for freedom and not restrictions.

I also don't believe in fashion faux-pas, because in my opinion it's all relative. A look that might be avoided when going for one effect (e.g. extra mini skirts are not really the right choice for a sophisticated look) can easily become a must when striving for another (they're awesome for a wild night out) and might even work for the first on some occasions (I've seen minis with thick woolen tights that looked so good in the office). So saying that something is just not to be worn that way is really narrow minded.

That said, I have to admit that there are things I would never ever wear in some way or another. Most of the time it's due to my hourglass figure (which I'm not extremely fond of), which changes the overall look of anything I wear, meaning that I have to be more careful. But this doesn't mean that I condemn any looks, it's just that I would never wear them because they wouldn't have the desired effect. And this is the case with leggings.

I've heard it so many times, mostly with a sarcastic edge, that leggings are not pants. Well, however we like them, they're not. It's not being picky or critical, it's the simple truth. It doesn't mean to say that they can never be worn as instead of pants, but one has to be aware. Sometimes they're just not opaque enough and most of the time they are not that flattering. But it's totally up to your decision how you wear them, I don't really care what other people wear, though I like to admire a nicely put together outfit or an effortlessly chic look. But the worst comment I can make when I look at someone's clothes is that I just wouldn't wear them or not just that way. And any time I see leggings worn with just a tee or a sweater, I'm so aware that I couldn't pull that off. I just couldn't. Or not with those types of leggings...

Because a new generation of leggings is out and they're ever so flattering, ever so sophisticated -- and they're a lot like pants! =D

I've first seen them (and grabbed a pair immediately) at H&M but I'm sure they're everywhere. Mine are black cotton, with a slightly riding breeches like seaming, no pockets and a zip on the left side. So they're a hybrid breed and they totally enable me to wear "leggings" with short dresses, tunics, long shirts, etc. When I was younger I wore these often with just jeans or pants (I even wore maxi skirts with jeans), but now as I'm older they convey a certain amount of defiance and hippiness, which I'm not quite ready to embrace and advertise. =) So normally I prefer extra thick tights. Or pants and keep thinking about my beautiful dresses that are just too short to wear to work.
But now all these walls have fallen and I can wear (almost) whatever I want. =) The key for me is the cut of the leggings and the material. The bottom line (LOL) is that these cotton ones are obviously opaque enough not to show any underwear, etc. and they don't accentuate curves so much either. This is key for me because I can easily look to exposed. But with these I can enjoy the advantages of pants (cover, warmth and sophistication) and still wear anything on top (no buttons or seams bulging through).
What can I say? I adore them! If you've been shying off of leggings, this is your chance. Go grab yourself some cotton leggings and take your fav minidresses for a stroll! ;)

Have an awesome weekend!
The power of cotton leggings be with you! ;)



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