Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lanvin for H&M : Take Two

And I don't mean take two dresses. =)

But I did go back around 2 pm to check for some of the remnants of the collection. All was gone (save for a couple 36 shoes and 42 dresses). But I got a lot out of all this, much more than the actual items. This was my first time and now I'm fashion rush savvy. Here's my experience.

The rush

So I'm really happy about my little team's performance on this mission. It was very international, my Mom and me keeping in touch through text messages, sending them back and forth between Hungary and Geneva -- to get our hands on the amazing stuff a Moroccan-Israeli designer heading a French fashion house had designed for a Swedish chain. Well... Where was I? Oh yes, I was bragging about my content over our little accomplishment. Not so little, actually. We got up pretty early and were pretty efficient. And we live in two disciplined countries with not a lot of smart people.

Erm, I'm not saying the idea never entered my mind, it would be hypocrisy to say so. It did. But I'm just not that kind of person and I really do think it's unethical -- besides being a lot of trouble. =) What I'm talking about is the obvious, age old method of making money out of any rare article by stocking up on it and when it's all gone put a hideous price tag on it. Stamp collectors do it, supermarkets do it -- people on eBay do it all the time. And sometimes it's just sad.

I love Kristin Young's commentary on her experience. She queued up in Washington, D.C. and had a much harder time we did. Have I ever told you how much I love Switzerland? The whole event was so well organized that it went like a dream. 16 groups of 20 people, 15 minutes each (I bet they let us stay a little longer, though), at least 20 attendants, lots of space, enough guards, and in all, general good behavior. One item per article per person. No one was trying to push or cross the cordons and there were no fights over the items. Some of the stuff could end up on eBay, as I said I was toying with the idea myself, but I just felt that the group behind me deserved their chance as well. And I don't think many of the items bought in Geneva will, anyway. I could see that people only took what they wanted for themselves or their friends.

The collection

... can be checked out on the H&M website. =) I loved it. Somehow I didn't like the dresses so much, I would just say it's not my style. I mean most of them are great for the holidays but I don't go to those kinds of parties. Family get togethers, parties with friends and theater and cinema events don't call for dresses like these. The couple of good quality funky cocktail dresses I own will do wherever I go and I prefer amping up an everyday outfit than wearing a proper dress. But I loved the accessories and although I hesitated a lot, I really liked the black on black zebra print coat. The tees were obviously awesome and I'm so happy that I have two out of the three. My mom got these and the coat, because they were just 20% cheaper in Hungary.

She also got me two of the necklaces, the red one and the flowery bead necklace. These look so gorgeous and the red necklace can make any outfit look special. So again, I won't need a dress. =) I bought the brooch (looks so special in real life, it's a piece of art!) and another necklace, which has a leather strap as part of the design. When I fist looked at it I took it for a belt, and I just couldn't ditch the idea. It looks so nice with the beads swinging around my curves! (I did find a way to put that, didn't I? =D)

And I have 3 out of the 4 lipstick shades. I didn't get the purple one because the one I took was another red (they got mixed up though not many got sold during the first couple of turns) and I promptly took it back to the cordoned area, which got me a look of astonishment and thanx from the staff. I'm so nice, am I not? =) I don't know if I could have taken two of it or not, I'm just not that kind. So anyway, I didn't get the purple one, but I love the rest. They're really nice, complimentary shades (a pale rose that is just a little rosier than your average nude; a red that could be a good dupe for MAC's Russian Red; a hot pink which is the perfect hot pink without being too hot!) and the fact that the pale rose (called "Rose") didn't budge while I finished off my muffin says a lot. I love them and I'm so happy I went for them when no one else did. By the time the groups had finished there was only one lipstick left, I didn't care to check the shade. Oh, and I got the canvas tote as well, just because I decided I would be too lazy to get it later. Good I did because unlike the Rykiel totes, these got sold by the afternoon. And not one of them during the morning. I guess by group 5 people got pretty desperate... =)

I loved the overall atmosphere of the collection. It was like a dream about femininity through all ages, taking the shape of very modern party dresses, coats and accessories. I loved the fact that it went for a very feminine image, creating and adorning curves and using colors that shine with vitality and a sense of confidence. There was none of the no-heavy-lips-and-eyes attitude, no shunning of a woman's beauty or passion. It was all there, amplified. Now what remains is the sense of accomplishment and those beautiful pieces that will have a special place in any woman's wardrobe for years. I'm sure they will in mine.

Thanx for reading.
Flowers and tulles for everyone! ;)


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