Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ken il neige a Geneve -- Life under the snow ;)

It started snowing on Saturday morning, a beautiful sight that we kept glancing at from the comfy armchairs of our warm living room. It looked amazing, never stopping, like a real winter wonderland.

Then we left to see some friends and play some boardgames. My first grievance was that the cardboard boxes kept peeking out of my bag and getting wet. But soon I realized that was a minor issue. Public transport in Geneva was pretty nightmarish, though.
We took tram 16 to get to the train station but it was a hell of a lot late. I was really surprised by this as by the early afternoon I expected the TPG people to get used to the situation and work out a plan B. Well, apparently they had but it wasn't a very clever one. I'm not one to complain, so I'll cut the long story short. We did get to Morge, where we were going, with a 30 minute delay -- not too bad, I think. ;)

I love Switzerland for its amazing winter. It's so ... wintery! =) Although there isn't much snow left in Geneva, but you should see the countryside. It's all dressed in pure white, every hill and house like a cupcake. So much so that I actually enjoyed our 20 minute walk at 2 in the morning to the train station in Morge. =)

All I'll say is that leaving early and accounting for a potential freeze in public transport services is inevitable. I remember last year, on a very snowy Sunday, they actually stopped working. So take this into account. And enjoy the snow! ;)

Snowballs and snowmen
and dreams of a whiiiiiiiiiiiite Christmas
be with everyone! ;)



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