Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Quality Makeup from the Swiss Drugstore [Part 2 -- Lips]

I've been thinking about continuing this line of thought, but I've been delaying for a number of reasons. First of all, I haven't been buying a lot of makeup lately (erm, not so much as before anyway) and my application tricks  haven't changed much either. Second, I've been working a little more and that meant wearing makeup that is not too flashy or overdone. So I've been keeping to basics that work for everyone and every occasion, such as smokey eyes and gel eyeliners and light pink or beige lips. The last of the reasons is that now that my hair is a dark copper I can't wear so much makeup any more -- or rather I don't have to. =) I love dramatic looks but I find that with your hair a more defined shade less looks a lot more dramatic. Before, all my colors blended together, my fair shades one blur of a face. So I used lots of techniques to revive and accentuate my features, which I don't need any more. My eyes look bluer and my skin glowier, so I have to be careful not to go overboard with makeup.

But (and there's always a but =D) all this means that I had to find a way to wear my lips instead of my October favorite: the red lip. I can still pull off red lips but definitely not for a day teaching stressed out bankers. They need a soothing face to be looking at (comprehension relies a lot on facial movements) not something made up for a party. So I ditched my red lipstains for the day and went with these instead:


You'll note that they're all toned down shades, one might call the nudes and justly so. But as nude lips are so outdated for the season, I won't call them that. =) Plus, I've found a couple of tricks to make these colors work for winter as well.

#1 fav ever: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Almost Nude
Lots of people say it's the perfect nude and I agree. I find it so amazing that I even stopped wearing it for fear I'll use it all up. I'll stock up on it for sure. I love the creamy consistency and the color that is neither too orange nor too white and not awkwardly pink either. For fall or winter I'd pair it with a more interesting toned lipgloss to make it less obviously nude. But now that I have good lipglosses I wear the lipstick + gloss combo all the time.

#2 that came out of my makeup bag first: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude
I used to hate it because it's such a good shade but matte like hell. But now that I have good glosses, I love this lipstick for a more cappuccino colored fall look. (Use sparingly as it might look like heavy concealer on the lips!)

#3 that fell out of my little pouch next: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout
I didn't think much of it at first and only bought it months after Nude Attitude. It looked so... 60s pale pinkish purple that I didn't even try it. Then I was bored looking around Manor and tried it on my fingertip (which is closest to my lip color so I always try lip products on it.) and was amazed. Used carefully it gave me a very light pink look, which I loved so kept the lipstick. Paired with one of my fav lipglosses it's my go to for an effortless toned down lip.

#4 in my bag: L'Oreal Color Riche in #233 Taffeta
I adore this line, I like the luxurious smell of these lipsticks (which some find annoying but I definitely don't!) and the consistency is to dream about. They're not so creamy as to slide off your face but not drying either. BUT. The color range is the weirdest ever. I guess they were going for a love or hate kind of thing but for me the Naturals have just been way too natural (e.g. most don't show at all on my lips) and the others... they are just colors in general I wouldn't consider wearing. I picked this one up for the wedding and have been loving it ever since. It will be one of my favorite winter colors, worn with silver and white clothes and glam holiday eyes. On my pigmented lips it looks exactly as the name suggests, a light pinky brown with purple undertones and a slight satin (or even some would say frosty) finish. I stay away from anything frosty because with my dry skin (even if it looks flawlessly matte it's the same category) it just looks really off and makes me look a lot older. But this one is not like that at all.

#5 and a riddle to me is the Manhattan (German drugstore brand to be found in Hungarian stores) Intense Moisture & Gloss in 53G
I love the colors this line has. I love the moisturizing effect. I love the glossy feel. I hate the pigment particles that feel like grains on my lips. I guess it's because this is a typical drugstore brand and this is such a light shade, but Why? Oh why? This would be the lipstick I wear all the time but for the fact that I can't move my lips around or talk or anything because of this annoying grating feel. Well, nothing's perfect. Some days I still get tempted and wear it under a gloss and keep my lips still just to be able to wear this perfect shade of light pink.

#6 that I keep locked up it's so good is the ASTOR Double Excellence Premium in #105
I love this color. It's this my lips but better kind of shade but not invisible like the L'Oreal Color Riche shades but like really really beautiful. It's a mauvey nude with pink undertones and compliments my hair color perfectly. Gives me those slightly bitten lips. I'll start wearing it again in spring, because I love it so much and it's so expensive for a drugstore brand. I would throw the balm that comes with it away (it's frosted of all things!) but it would leave a hole in the hideous packaging, so I'll keep it. But I love the color and everything else.

#7 is what I wear instead on a day to day basis: ASTOR Shine Delux in #030 Nudie (discontinued)
I love the color, the consistency, everything. Maybe except for the strong smell. But that lasts only seconds and the shiny finish is amazing. This is a true nude mauve, you know the purplish kind, but I love these shades for fall. You can't put a gloss on top of these lipsticks, because the formula gets really sticky and weird but with the finish you don't really need to. My on the go lipstick that I put on at red lights or while running to work.

#8 is the same lipstick in #022 Caribbean
I use this very sparingly, like a stain, when I need a bit of color. It's a pinky coral, best for spring and summer, but I like to put it on instead of a lipbalm, because if applied lighthandedly, it's really sheer and gives only a hint of coral color.

#9 that I'll keep for spring is the Maybelline Color Sensational in #420 Coral Pop
I loved this line from the first moment it came out for the consistency, texture and smell. But I couldn't find a single shade that I could use because they were all sparkly, frosted or pearly and the couple matter shades were uninteresting  mauves and browns. So it took me a while to pick this one up finally, and this will be a good alternative for my Caribbean. This is pinker and has a better texture, so this will be perfect for spring.

OK, so for glosses.
This is an interesting find, one I was totally amazed by.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses

Peach Petal #150
Lilac Pastelle #200
Coral Reef #170

The texture and consistency of these glosses is amazing. I picked up these three because I found them the most interesting and they fitted my lipstick collection the most closely. Plus, Peach Petal and Lilac Pastelle are milky shades, which makes them look nice on their own. I use them very lightly over a number of shades and they can completely change the look of a lipstick. They can make nudes more revived, peachy or purplish, and they can also make bolder shades more toned down, which I like a lot. Lots of people rave about these glosses, I know. I can see their flaws, though, but I think they're as close to perfect as drugstore glosses can ever get.I've always hated glosses for their stickiness and never wore them on a daily basis. But these changed that completely. And I'm enchanted by the versatility they add to my lipstick collection.

Well, this has been a long post. But it was long coming too. I apologize for the length, and hope you find the information helpful.

Have a very nice week.

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