Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fleur < 3 Lanvin < 3 H&M

This love triangle will be legendary.

I'm home and ready to report on the magic I've just seen with my own eyes. If you're still queuing up, you can read this on your phone/iPad/iPod -- I know you want to! ;)))

 (The lipsticks -- ultimate pocket couture! ;) -- the brooch and the necklace that I will wear as a belt -- works awesome! -- aaand the 100% wool scarf we got as a gift as well as the little dress shaped gingerbread. This is Christmas 0.1! XD)

So I arrived at the store around 6.45 and I was like #45, which meant I was in group 3. I got the bracelet for 8.45 but I think I actually got in the shopping area a bit earlier. I was surprised to see how few people turned up before the official opening. I guess Lanvin is less well known among the usual customers of the store...

I'm planning to write a longer post on the actual collection and the individual items. For now I'll just say wow! and have a huge mug of tea. =)

Special thanx:

To my Mom, who bought me all the more expensive items a lot cheaper in Hungary. For this she woke up so early, traveled all the way to the store and fought her way through the crowd! She was in the 2nd group! She's so awesome that her fashionmoonstruck daughter can only keep thanking her.

To the awesomest husband in the whole world, who not only supported his wife in her crazy endeavor to wake up with the birds and go queue up in front of a shop while all sane people were still sound asleep, but also brought her a huge STARBUCKS mocha latte and an awesome caramel muffin while she was doing all this craziness! I would marry him again! LOL

OK, it's time for my tea and a bit of rest. ;)

Have an awesome day!
May Lanvin and the Starbucks latte be with all of you! ;)



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