Monday, November 22, 2010


This is what my husband calls me every time the topic comes up. He's just kidding and I don't mind (we never fight or anything and we're more like cronies so him calling me anything is not meant as an insult). But the question still pops up (and makes me interested): just how old can you be and still be an intern?

This immediately reminds me of that movie where Will Smith risks everything to get that trader job, a film I'll never forget. I could really identify with the general atmosphere of the movie, even years ago, for I've always been the person to leave bridges crumbling behind, fighting for new, glorious dreams. Except they never really crumbled, for all the wonderful people around me worked just as hard to keep the world from falling while I struggled for my dreams. But I could still feel for that guy and I always will. Could've been me.

Well, the thing is that I'm working part time now (I work as much a week as I was supposed to during a day, but that's fine) and I keep thinking that this means I could do something I've always wanted but never had the chance. Mostly because of those bridges but partly also because the opportunity never arose. Now it has. There are tons of interesting internships around and I fit much of the criteria. I've just finished my studies, I have the right qualifications, and even a little experience. This is my chance to become a researcher.

So I've applied and am looking forward to their response (or applying for some more). But people keep asking me whether or not this is a good idea. Well, I don't think being an intern is that different from any other job, but of course it depends on the way you do it or the way you look at it. I don't consider it in any way degrading and I don't think anyone should. Of course if you have a good job and you have a lot of responsibility, it might be annoying to be put in a simpler position. But for my part I would consider it easy to give up a job in one area for another. I mean I quite understand that if you switch fields your expertise doesn't necessary transfer to your new job. But you can take a lot with you, and you should. And internships are usually a way companies like to train their employees and give both parties time to feel each other out. Much like a probation period. Whether they're paid or not is a different question, but sometimes this is just another tool in the hand of the employer to find the most devoted and determined candidates.

Anyway, I'm planning to continue teaching anyway, because I like it a lot. But it seems in Switzerland this is much of a hobby and not necessarily something to live off. But I'm really excited about trying my hand at some professional research, as this is something I've been wanting to do for years. I hope I'll get that call soon. ;)

My best wishes to all
from gloomy Geneva =D
(only weatherwise, though!)


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