Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Are All These Things Happening To Me?

Well, first of all, they aren't. Nothing just happens, dear, there's always a purpose. Without giving you a lecture on the purpose of life, let me just cheer you up with a little idea. Here's what I think of fate or destiny, or whatever you like to call it. ;)
In my opinion and experience, there are no coincidences in life. The world works as a huge system, an ecosystem, if you like. All our actions and paths are interconnected, and you cannot do anything without consequences.

Besides, life itself is loaded with tasks and trials. I believe each of us has a set of tasks and experience that one just has to go through. Call it Karma or whatever, but you cannot evade it. If you don't learn something one way, you will another, maybe the hard way.

If you put the two together, it is easy to see that there is always a silver lining. Maybe you got into that awful situation to realize something or to meet someone. Or perhaps simply to avoid some even more awful thing. Of course at that moment none of it seems to matter, only that you feel miserable. Well, don't. Life is too short to feel that way. And there are so many things to experience!

OK, I haven't been through many of the awful things you might have, but I've had my fare share of sad stories. Only I don't think of them as such. They taught me lessons and they've made me the person I am today. And despite all this when someone asks me what my life has been I always say that it's been surprisingly easy and happy. If I think hard, I can come up with painful episodes. But does it help me in any way to feel sad and miserable? Maybe, sometimes, when I need to feel that way. But that's rare, and on the whole I don't think it's any good. So cheer up and look at things from a different point of view. There's always something to learn, to do, to experience. I'd rather go through hell than live a totally sheltered life. ;)

Thanx for reading and
have an awesome day! ;)

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your fleur

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  1. Agreed. Sorry I'm all out of words tonight.