Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wellness Thursday

I might have mentioned this decade old habit of mine. But if you have no idea what I'm talking about, just keep reading. ;)

Wellness Monday originates from back in the old days, when I was very very busy all week long and hardly had time to let my hair down, let alone sit in the tub for hours. And then, one day I realized you can really amp up your day just by adding a small wellness factor.

On dark Mondays mornings I would wake up totally unwilling to step out into the winter grayness. Thinking of the day made me go Aaaaaaaaaaargh, and all I wanted was to sleep through the whole lot of it. And one of these morning I realized that all I needed to make my day cool was a little rewarding pampering. So I'd squeeze in a 30-45 minute foot bath, when I'd surround myself with magazines, would paint my nails or watch beauty videos, or just close my eyes and relax. Some days I'd make that into a soak and hair treatment, but I would always -- always -- wake up beaming, thinking of the treat I'd have that evening.

Well, since then it's been moving around the week, depending on when I have enough time, but in my opinion it's still best to schedule it for the end of a hard day. It feels a lot more rewarding and special.

And don't forget that others have hard days too. Soaking your feet side by side with a friend makes it all the jollier, and husbands (though at first reluctant) can enjoy a bath or even a facial from time to time. ;) Those honey-cream treats are so soothing, and I know you all want it, guys, whatever you say! LOL

As always, thank you for reading.

Bubbles and sparkles! ;)


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