Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Fav Boardgame: DnD 4th Ed ;)

Please skip if you don't like RPGs or if you don't like DnD. I'm totally free to like (and spend my time playing) whatever I want, and I'm sure playing a social game such as this one has no drawbacks for me. I've always loved role playing, mostly because of the social aspect, and because there are so many eccentric things that I'd love to try but in real life it would be either very weird or very dangerous.

Now 4th Edition is a little different, and some don't quite like it for that.
But as a bunch of board game players, we enjoyed the boardgame like aspect of encounters. In fact, it makes the game less "fictive" and brings in an element of involvement that was previously reserved for more active players. Even if you're new to the system, it's really easy to learn and those who normally enjoy simply watching the game unfold can now have a bigger say in what's happening. Because it's sort of simpler, a lot easier and in front of your eyes. I remember playing 3th Ed and a bunch of other RPGs. I was always the watcher type, my character simply filling a gap in the group's abilities, and I usually let others decide my battle moves for me because I couldn't even begin to understand the stats and charts it involved.

And now I was DMing the game. It was my first time playing 4th Ed and my first time playing DnD in like 10 years. So that's saying something. Yes, it was difficult at first, sometimes a bit overwhelming, but I did enjoy it and my players even more so. I won't go into the details of DMing, that would be a totally different post. I don't even know if you guys would be interested in it at all. But for now I'd just like to point out that if you like boardgames and have a group of at least 4 players who enjoy strategic games and the like... DnD 4th Ed is a very good option. If your quests focus on battle, you'll get a more real life, amped up version of Descent, a game I love. Plus, DMing is much nicer than playing the Overlord. You're not against your players and you can have lots of fun too. On the long run, you can also try role playing more, and next time someone else can DM. It's huge fun.

The only disadvantage, obviously, is the cost. All the books and stuff... but on the other hand, they really look good and you only need a couple of them to start playing. Even if we only play a couple of times, this is a nice investment, especially given the cost of going to the cinema, etc.

Nice gaming, everyone!
and an awesome weekend! ;)


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