Thursday, October 14, 2010

... And Red Hair

I guess it's coz it's autumn... But I've really been drawn to red and deep brown and deep gem colors. Last weekend we went hiking in the Swiss mountains and I couldn't take my eyes off all the beautiful colors that nature surprised us with. It was amazing.

So yes, my hair is red now, or rather a really dark copper. As I used a Henna "shampoo", it's gonna fade in like 3 weeks. But I'm quite determined to either buy the same product again plus some shampoo to maintain it or to find a more permanent color treatment. I don't wanna go like super red, but I really like the present color. If I go with the less natural approach, I might actually go a couple of shades lighter, like a light copper, bordering on a strawberry blond... but I don't know. I like the fact that this one fades so I can have my natural color back any time. I was dyeing my hair for years and years (practically all colors of the rainbow) and I hated going back to my roots. LOL It was horrible when I decided to go back to my natural color, as it either looked very weird when my colorist dyed it "back" and it wasn't any better when I had it cut like 2 inch long... Well, I'll think about all that before dyeing it permanently, but I'm loving this color and I guess I'll keep on wearing it for some time. ;)

Have an awesome day!

And see you soon! ;)

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