Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red Lips

... and nails! ;)
I've had the nail polish for like forever, but I never had the nerves to wear red on my lips. I'll tell you why.

I'm the worst possible when it comes to makeup. I drink a lot, I touch my face without even noticing, and I hate the feeling of "something being there". On the other hand, I hate "natural" looking makeup, on myself that is. I love colors and styles that are distinctive and make a statement. Besides, I'm on a tight budget, so mostly drugstore items are my only options. Well, these put together have been causing me enough headaches.

Until yesterday. =) Because that is the day I found my holy grail of red lipstick. Well, actually it's a lip tint. It's by Astor (I guess you can only get it in Europe but I hope I'm wrong.) and the texture is the best I've ever seen. You just cannot feel it. Some might be appalled that it smells a bit like your good old big fat magic marker (looks a bit like one too), but I love the look and it does NOT dry my extremely easy to dry out lips. After applying the color (so easy, you just draw the shape you want, like in kindergarten) you can add the lip balm on the other side of the tube, after a couple of minutes. That makes the look more lipstick like (not the feeling, though), but more natural. Who was born with blood red lips, anyway? That's just weird. But on the whole it feels like (magic =) of course, but what I mean is) having just chapstick on, the color blends into your skin. What I also love about is is that it's a blue undertoned color, so my teeth look superwhite! ;) (They have 3 red shades here, and 2 are blue undertoned. The other one's a bit darker than mine, which looks much brighter in daylight. The other one would look the same as in the pic.)

Lasting power is good, though you might have to touch up after eating, etc. but it doesn't move around your face like some lipsticks do. Beware, however, you might have to use some oily cream or regular chapstick to remove it on the go, as just using a napkin or tissue will leave you with the lipliner effect. Which is good for an easy touch up but not for walking about like that.

Here's what I'm wearing in the pic:

Lips: Astor Perfect Stay Lip Tint in 201 "Red Energy"

Nails: Astor Lacque Deluxe in 250 "Rojo Passion"

(both are more vivid colors in direct sunlight!)

Face: My foolproof Maybelline SuperStay foundation in 30 "Sand"

Thank you for reading!
Blood red kisses =D



I've since purchased 202 "In Love Red" as well. This is literally the color of blood. At first, when I started applying I thought for a moment that I'd bitten my lips or something! =) But I'm already addicted to it. I thought I'd never ever wear red lipstick, partially because of my 80s phobia and also because normally lipsticks smear on me horribly. But this, this is a miracle! <3

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