Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Style Story

I've long been thinking about how I would define my style...
These days retro is back =) and there are all sorts of influences around, from pretty much every decade of the previous century. Everyone's free to choose how far they're willing to go back and there are a number of futuristic trends as well to add to the anachronism.

Giving much thought to my preferences, I have come up with the following terminology for my style:

I'm a cyberflapper. =D
You're maybe wondering what a cyberflapper is and I'm not surprised. =)

Flavor text (Skip to get to the gist):
Well, imagine the following...
There's this girl, let's call her Florence, who's invited to her cousin's graduation party, some time around 1927. She loves parties and music and the freedom dancing gives her and she's really looking forward to the event. She's what her age calls a modern girl, working as a translator and editor at a large publishing company. Though she's not wealthy, she does scrape off whatever she has every season to buy that coat or pair of shoes that makes any outfit stylish. She likes feeling glamorous and feminine but she would never dream of hiding her determination that the set of her jaw and the functionality of her clothes reveal.
When she arrives at her cousin Archie's party, all the others are already dancing and chatting. Flo refuses thoughts of the frivolity of Barbara's platinum waves and the mismatched patterns of Patricia's frock. The music's calling to her and she carefully folds away her gloves and scarf in her bag, next to the manuscript she will have to work on the next day, and joins a lanky youth on the dancefloor.
As the party goes on she meets Archie, and congratulates him on his degree, pointing out that now he will only need a couple of years to get as smart as herself. Archie recognizes a hint of jealousy in her voice but is too caught up in the vibe of the night to care. He invites her cousin to the kitchen for a drink. Flo frowns at the bottle one of the guys is holding out to her. She likes her occasional party cocktail or even a shot of whiskey from time to time, but the stuff in the dirty looking bottle smells vile and not very appealing. However, Archie's looking at her and she can feel the jokes forming in his head. She would never hear the end of it. But nobody can call Flow a coward! She quickly draws the bottle and gulps, then gives it back with grimace. She leaves the kitchen among jokes and laughing silently still when she joins the dancers again. Then she suddenly feels feeble and scans the room for some place to take a short rest and her gaze falls upon a large couch and several armchairs that occupy the other half of the living room. They are mostly occupied by the gang from the kitchen and she moves over to the only vacant armchair and drops in it. She listens to the jokes, smiling to herself and takes pleasure in enjoying the murmurs of conversation and the tunes of the music around her. She feels as if she was falling asleep but in a very weird way. The feeling doesn't diminish as she opens her eyes and looks at the blurry figures around her. One girl, resting her legs on those of the young man sitting next to her, shouts out loud, laughing hysterically, that she feels really strange and that it must be the stuff they drank before. Flo tries to think this through but the thoughts slip away from her and she feels a little numb as she looks at the others laughing and gesturing wildly around her. She closes her eyes and opens them again, shuts them once more, never quite asleep. She tries to wake up or fall asleep, but she constantly feels in between, with vivid images dancing in front of her, around her. She feels as if she was watching ages fly past, women wearing trousers ever tighter and men dressing shabby and sophisticated at the same time.
She wakes what feels like an age later. She looks around her. The apartment is the same but as she walks to a window and peeks out, she notices that the city is quite changed. She decides she must be dreaming. She looks at the others, just waking up from their sleep on the couch, the chairs, even the floor...
They soon find out though that this strange dream would not end soon and seems to be shockingly real. Flo fits into her new surroundings, however. She quite enjoys the freedom of this age. But she can never forget who she really is.

I guess this shows my love for the 1920s scene. Although I really do love the era and everything associated with it, I enjoy modernity. I love and rely on technical advancement as much as anyone does these days. On the other hand, I am also fond of all the feminine trends of the last century, from blood red lips and nails to cleavage and skirts. Add an element of grunge to it and there you go, you have my style. Smokey eyes and nude lips and a rocker's skinny jeans, but with some girlie scarf and hairstyle. Army boots with flowery dresses and huge cardigans. Red lips and a monochromatic outfit with a playful bow and heels. I love mixing feminine and androgynous, something very retro and something very now. I'm never fully girlie but never totally androgynous either. I love dressing trendy, but always with an element from a past era, like a brooch picked up from a nighstand in a 1920s morning to be worn on a 2010 day.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and weren't bored to tears. =)
I'll be back soon with more informative stuff. ;)

lots of love


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