Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am so so sorry. Actually, I really am. I really like this blog and I would love to post more. But fortunately my sail has caught wind, and I'm getting busy with all sorts of projects. But I wanted to keep you guys updated, so here are some news.

A funny thing happened last week. We got a letter from the Town, and at first I thought it was some reminder that I still need health insurance (which I will deal with soon, I promise!). Having heard all the horror stories about Swiss authorities and gone through the permit application process, I always expect the worst when I get these letters. But that'll change with time, I know I can learn to relax here. =) But I know I'm rambling, so on with the letter. It was an invitation to some immersion soirée, held for new inhabitants of the city. This is so exciting! I know it's probably gonna be very boring, but I can see face to face all the bugbears of my past year. And I can ask them all the questions I've been meaning to ask but not even the very knowledgeable seems to know the answers. And, come on, let's face it. This is an indication that we are being immersed. ;) I visualize it as some creamy bath in a huge pot of chocolate fondue. Yes, baby, immerse me! =D

In between integration and fondues (yes, the season is here!), I'm busy jobhunting. Busier than ever. Oh my! Those that know me probably know how much I hated being unemployed. Now this is even more difficult. Teaching languages at language schools seems to be considered a hobby here. It's very difficult to find enough work to keep one afloat -- and even busy. At the moment I can easily say that I'm not doing it for the money, as an unemployed wife is actually worth more in terms of benefits. But this is what I love doing, and I cannot give my job up, just because it's expensive! =D No, seriously. I'm sure it's gonna get better...

And as the day is coming closer, the day when I can declare that I've been living in Geneva for a year, I often get contemplative. I've told you about dreams and stuff. Well, you know that feeling when your life is totally undefined, mostly empty, but empty in a good way. You feel that you can become anything now. But it's also a huge responsibility. Because whatever you become now, that is what you will be.

I feel just like that now. And I'm a little afraid. I believe I can make the right choices. But just like that Olympic champion before the last run/throw/jump, I feel quite a bit nervous. Because I have this one chance to jump, and I want to jump high. All my life I've been training for this and I don't want to screw up.

This year has been fun. First we found an apartment in 10 days. It's the cutest one in the whole town and we mean to keep it for a long time. Cheers to our little home! ;) And then I wrote my thesis, defended it and passed the final exam with an A, and shook hands with the (still very handsome) Dean of my unforgettable university. Cheers to that, it was hard work! And then there was the engagement, the whole unbelievable and miraculously funny episode of it, and the weddings, one awesomer than the other.Then I had that incredibly late call, months late, from one of the language schools. Finally it turned out it's not that I'm not good enough. It gave me a boost to go out there and do what I have to to make my dreams come true. We went then to Bali, an island I'll never forget, even if I never manage to persuade my husband to return there. It's a place of magic, it's a chaotic dream that you have to figure out to give it meaning, to find out what it means to you. And now we're here, busy building, rebuilding our lives. I'm kinda lost, but I like it. I just have to be careful what path I find, for if I know myself well, I'll follow it through till the end.

So if you've been wondering what's up with me, well, this is what is. It's nothing defined yet, but I'll sort it out soon. Prepare for a success story! ;)

Lots of love
and hugs
from Geneva!

DISCLAIMER: Please don't judge my English in these posts. This is a place for self expression and any "mistake" that I might make reflects personality and the language's power to convey thoughts and emotions by deviating from the standard. Thx.


  1. to follow our dreams is something that keeps us awake (aand of course happy). So cheers to you and the future! ;)