Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome to Ubud

So today we arrived in Ubud. This is the cultural capital of Bali, so to say. And out first has definitely been a busy day.

We left Sanur at 9am, and first headed to Tirta Empul. This place is amazing. I love Balinese architecture, and this place is full of carvings and other structures. Actually it's a temple complex, (so you need to wear a sari and a praying belt, provided at the entrance) where ceremonies are often performed. Just like today, this being a Saturday. It was full of locals, dressed in special attires, sitting in front of the heavily packed and decorated altars. There was a Barong as well, set up at one of the altars. We didn't feel like invading on their holy privacy, so we skipped the pool, though it might have felt refreshing on such a scourging day. Well, we'll have plenty of water once back in Sanur.

We also wanted to go to Gunung Kawi, to see the giant sculptures, but due to our bargaining skills (or more the lack thereof), we didn't get to go there. Well, next time. We arrived in Ubud instead, and continued discovering the beauties of this little gem of an island. We took a walk through the Monkey Forest (video coming up soon!) and through the rice fields, just as our guidebook suggested. (*Chuckle.*) Well, we met lots of people holding the very same guidebook, so I guess the secluded and unknown adjectives are off this walk... =)

Then we had a (very) late lunch of Balinese specialties and went for a hunt. To find a nice massage place. We were just giving up (on our dream to have a massage every day while here) as we didn't have much time before our night performance. (LOL) But we did find a nice one just in time, and had an amazing 60 minutes. Hubby got injured, unbelievable as that sounds. I guess our skin is too delicate for the strong option. He'll go medium next time, I guess. =)

And then, to the Palace. For there was a Legong dance on tonight. Unfortunately, postpone as we might buying the tickets, there was no room to haggle. Anyway, we bought them off the elderly woman who's been following us around all day (literally), and everyone was happy. We arrived just in time to take our seats as the gamelan hit the first chords. The dance was magnificent. I guess deep down I'm Balinese.

Thanx for reading!

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