Monday, August 16, 2010

Permit me (Chapter CLXIX, Epilogue)

My dearest friends

This is just a note to let you know that I've received my B permit, I'm holding it in my hands (well not at the time of typing this but you all know what I mean) and it's 100% real.

I've also landed a job, which -- whenever it becomes a reality -- I will tell you more about.

But now I'm officially employable and I can leave on my honeymoon on Sunday knowing that when I come back tons of new opportunities will be awaiting me.

Cheers to that! =)

I wish you all a wonderful week
and will be back soon with some stories from the wonderful
Bali! ;)


  1. szuper hírek! kalandra fel! ;)

  2. Great!!!
    I saw through the forums and your blog, by the way I like it, you got married here in Geneva. I wonder if you could help me clarify something. I am Brazilian and my boyfriend is Italian (he works here) and we'll get married here too. When I delivered the documentation in the Mairie de Genève they told me that in the appointment (Rendez-vous pour la formalite)if my French is not enough I would have to bring someone to translate for me. My French is basic not write and speak so well, but I understand well. Do you think that for this appointement I really need a translator? Do I have to write a statement or just sign it? Is it like an interview?
    Sorry to bother you, but I'd like to know about this need since I do not know many people here.
    Your blog helped me a lot! After my marriage I hope to be employable as soon as possible as well!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Thaís

    No worries, in our case the RDV was simply about "booking" the hall and discussing the ceremony. They do it like this so that they have time to go through your papers and you have time to... erm... change your mind. LOL Anyway, my French is quite fluent in everyday situations, but I couldn't have handled more formal issues, but this was not such a meeting. So what to expect:
    - They'll tell you if your papers are OK and if not what to correct. (Ours were fine.)
    - They fix a date with you for the ceremony. (They only work on weekdays and some days have a tight schedule but usually you can fit in OR for instance in our case they told us to submit the papers only 3 months before the ceremony so that we would HAVE TO fit in and no one could tell us no. It was OK.)
    - They explain the ceremony. (Well, this is ridiculous as Geneva's a lot like Vegas as regards the ceremony. You can neither bring flowers nor choose music and only have 15 minutes for the whole thing as they have 4 weddings an hour. The slot before us must have been empty because we had lots of time in the waiting room, which was nice given that the rest of the ceremony was so short.)
    - They ask for the rest of the money, and that's it.

    They want you to speak fluent French so that it doesn't go painfully slow and that you understand what you're about to do. BUT your fiance can help you there, I'm sure. I don't remember filling in any documents but there might have been some confirmation form for the date. But that's really basic stuff, a lot easier than the "attestation". Well, anyway, officially you have to be able to follow the ceremony as well (ours was in French), but we didn't really tell them how good our French was. I did understand it all and my husband seemed pretty happy with what he did. (I never told him about the secret clause! LOL)

    Let me know if I can help, I'll try my best ;)

    And, hey, congrats! ;)

  4. Thanks a lot Fleur! Now I am relaxed about it. They made too much drama! They said that neither my fiance nor some relative of ours could help me, a third person would be needed for the translation! Just for this RDV! Maybe they are more rigorous with Latin American people... ;-)

    About the deadline is the same, about 3 months principally because they'll send to Swiss Embassy in Brazil my dossier for checking then get it back.

    Thanks for the attention and the details!

    Next week I have the RDV and I let you know!


  5. OK, I didn't tell them about my French, I just kept nodding and tried to look intelligent. Oh, and I'm talking without any fear of mistakes or the like so sometimes my French sounds better than it is. ;) Just act as if you could speak the language. ;)