Saturday, August 21, 2010

Outbound [UPDATE]

Hi my dearest readers

Tomorrow's so close now and it's all so interesting! :)
Our flight leaves at a comfortable time, so we can have a nice breakfast and all that and then head off to the airport. Our transfer's from Amsterdam, and as we booked relatively cheap tickets, we'll have about 7 hours between the two flights. [Our Amsterdam-Bali flight has been delayed 3 hours and thus leaves almost at midnight... I hope this means more time in Amsterdam if less time in Bali...]

Which we will wisely spend in Amsterdam! ;)

We've already looked at maps etc. so we have a sketchy plan. It's gonna be so niiiiice! I've never ever been in Amsterdam and I've always wanted to see it! Not that we'll have time to see many things, but still, it will be nice to stretch our legs and have some lunch. ;)
And then we'll catch the evening flight to Bali... 14 hours... uhh! Well, I've just got a new book from my hubby (Salvatore's dark elf trilogy!) to keep me entertained-- isn't he the sweetest guy in the world?

OK, I'll head off to sleep now. Thinking of a future jet lag makes me tired. =D

Keep tuned, guys, for our
Amsterdam adventure! ;)
Your Fleur

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