Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The One in Geneva

I don't even know where to start...

I guess the 'story' started the day before the wedding, when most of our guests arrived in Geneva. Or they should have. Due to strikes in the south of France, my husband's witness was like 14 hours late. We were to meet her on Thursday morning and spend the day relaxing and getting ready -- mostly spiritually and mentally. Well, her morning flight got canceled and her evening flight was two hours (!) late. So she got to Geneva late in the evening and though we all felt exhausted, it was very reassuring that all our guests made it to Geneva and would be present the next day.

Friday began with a thunderstorm.

And I don't mean any sort of panic, it was simply raining as hard as it had ever rained in my life. But we felt cool and after a lazy breakfast began to get ready. Doing my hair was a bliss, it went like a dream. Besides, it had a wonderful effect on my slightly disturbed soul. Time was flying by and though I did everything according to schedule (I did have a hard copy), I was feeling kind of rushed. But there was nothing to do but curl each strand slowly and meticulously, so I got gradually calmer. I was chatting with my family and decided to ignore the bustle going on in the next room. :)

So much so that I really had to hurry putting on my dress and doing my makeup. But the latter went so well after the rehearsals that it was a very confident bride that left the apartment some 30 minutes before the wedding. :) This period, by the way, is a total blur in my mind. I remember putting on things and I remember entering and stepping out of the car, but it's rather like remembering a dream. It's all hazy and dreamlike. But I like it that way.

The ceremony was super short. The ceremony proper I mean. Because there was some delay at the beginning, for which I was extremely grateful. We had time to cool down and to examine the beautiful room while waiting for the registrar lady. It felt like a long time but we didn't mind. Any nervousness we might have felt melted away as the room became more and more familiar and filled to the beams with the warm love our little party radiated. We were eleven.

Then it went fast, too fast for some. But all we really cared about was the rings and the kisses, exchanged in smiles. Smiles that had never been smiled before, for now we shared a secret, a bond, a special understanding. Now we were one, in every culture, every country, by all and in the face of all difficulties. We've said the words and that was all that mattered. The rest of the day floated by me like a dream on wings of love and caring. It wasn't all plain sailing but sailing it was and I was dreaming through it like a dream that began with a happy ending and could only end in bliss.

People did get lost in Geneva and the photo shoot in the park did take extremely long. But the weather got so beautiful by the time we left the Town Hall and the umbrella my wonderful sister got me fifteen minutes before the ceremony is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And all our guests were so amazing, they made our day so sunny as they wrapped my nervously fluttering little heart in love.

I thank you all for coming and for your invaluable presence that somehow made all this magic happen.
I love you all.

Thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful week! ;)

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