Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Mission =)

For two weeks, this is going to be a travel blog.

I'm going to Bali, Indonesia on my honeymoon (yay!) and I'd like to keep you guys updated. I know this has little to do with Geneva or life in Switzerland but I really don't want to set up a new blog for these two weeks. Plus, some of you might start wondering what's happened to me. =) But don't worry, I'm all right, I'm just your special reporter of the week, writing from Bali.

Keep tuned for the stories and news (there'll be many as I know our little team of two, funny things happen to us any time we leave home)!

The plan (so far) is to spend 5 nights in Sanur, 3 nights in Ubud and then 4 nights in Sanur again. On our way between the two resorts we will visit other villages and we'll hike from Ubud as well as go on day trips from Sanur. Most probably we'll do the Gunung Batur climb from Ubud one morning and visit the Southern temples from Sanur. We'll see.

We'll stay at two hotels, more like B&Bs. We didn't want to book into any of the luxury hotels, even though it's our honeymoon. First, we only use the room for sleeping and stuff =D, and second, you get to know more about the culture etc. if you don't isolate yourself behind the walls of a luxury resort. The outside world can be too shocking then and anyway, it's a waste of money in our case. So far only the accommodations are booked (besides the airplane tickets =D), so we can change our plans to suit the weather, our mood and availability of drivers, etc. But we do have some nice things to do in mind.

Here's my list of must-sees. Well, we'll see how far we get. I realized soon enough that to really get to know Bali you need more than two weeks. If we really like it, we might actually visit again some time later. But this is the list for now (it's too long for a two week stay I'm afraid and it's not all there is...):

Bali Activities:

Agung Rai Museum
Bird & Reptile Park
Botanic Garden Ubud
Campuan Ridge
Elephant Safari Park
Goa Gajah
Gunung Batur
Gunung Kawi
Monkey Forest
Organic foods
Penelokan, Kintamani
Pura Besakih ????
Pura Kebo Edan
Pura Luhur Ulu Watu
Pura Pusering Jagat
Pura Taman Ayun
Pura Tanah Lot
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
Sanur Beachfront Walk
Sayan Valley
Stone Pillar
Threads of Life
Tirta Empul (temple & baths)
Tirta Ganga
Toya Bungkah
Ubud Market
Ubud Palace & Puri Saren Agung
Ubud Palace Dance
Ubud Spas
Yeh Pulu

No rafting during the dry season =(
Check out for the details. But be easy on reviews -- remember, they're totally subjective.

News coming soon! ;)
Love you all
Your little flower ;)

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