Friday, July 9, 2010

Norah Jones and the Montreux Jazz Festival

Now this is really difficult to review. First of all because it's such a complex topic and second because we didn't get to experience it to the extent we wanted to. But I'll try to summarize our experiences:

The Montreux Jazz Festival
A MUST. If you are in the area and if you aren't (for there are numerous special buses and train departures for revelers), you simply cannot skip this. The whole event involves lots of food and drink and jewelry and knickknack stalls and free concerts and all the usual festival stuff. But this is an age old event and these programs and sights are just amplified by the mere name of the festival. They are the archetype of food and drink and jewelry and knickknack stalls and free concerts and all the usual festival stuff  and once you see it you'll know what I mean.
And then there are the huge, I mean HUGE, names that perform at the very, I mean VERY, expensive concerts. And this leads us to topic #2:

Miss Norah Jones
was awesome. However, we came home with somewhat mixed feelings. You know, I'm not a shoulda-coulda-woulda kind of gal, so I formed a lot of "nex time" promises. First off, we arrived at the concert hall (Stravinsky) at the time they opened the gate, which was a good idea from one point of view and a terrible from another. It was good, because the CHF90 standing places were in the very back of the hall, separated from the rows and rows of seats in the front (imagine some opera house). So by being among the first to arrive, we had a chance to actually see what went on on stage and not simply follow events with eyes glued to the screens on both sides. But then again, there's no free lunch, and from gate opening through some mediocre country gig and the looong waiting for miss Jones, we got to stand there for almost three hours. Some tried sitting down but there wasn't place for everyone.
Once she appeared, however, the concert was a blast!

So yes, next time we'll definitely check out more concerts.
No, probably next time we won't arrive "so" early.
Yes, next time we'll check out unofficial ticket vendors in front of the place an hour after the official starting time. The concert won't be on yet but seat tickets might be available for a reasonable fee.
And yes, by avoiding so much hassle, we'll enjoy the festival more and will be able to spend more time tasting specialties and listening to the up and coming.

But the festival's still on and if you can, do go!

Enjoy your summer weekend
and check out the program at !

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  1. I love Norah! She did this great duet with Ray Charles on an all-star compilation CD that benefits tsunami victims in Indonesia. The CD was recently put out by an awesome humanitarian organization called Aid Still Required. Definitely worth getting!