Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make up for Glasses

Hi All

I know it's been a while. And I still owe you a post on the Norah Jones concert (and Montreux Jazz Festival) and on our outing on Geneve Plage. Those are to come very soon.

But there's something I've been confronted with lately, and I have to tell you about it. My makeup-loving harmony-addict lifestyle was quite crashed by the fact that I was prescribed glasses a couple of months ago. At first I felt like something very very bad had happened to me. I mean wearing glasses isn't something you'd voluntarily do, is it? But soon I realized it' an age old stereotype and glasses are pretty much like bangles or bracelets nowadays. And they can make you look just as gorgeous.

I now outright reject the idea of the "girl with glasses" on whom others look with pity and contempt as opposed to her non-glassed peers. Horseapples. Look at the ads featuring Giselle and some other famous and beautiful chicks I can't recall the names of. If that doesn't give you confidence look at the frames available. Some are so gorgeous I'd be wearing them just to complement an outfit. And there's something else as well:

For a loooong time people thought glasses can ruin your pretty face, and in some cases they can indeed. But usually possessing such powers means that what can ruin your look can just as easily improve it.

So let me tell you why I love my glasses and then I'll tell you all about makeup (roll down to skip it).
I've already mentioned how shocked I was at first. I had worn glasses before (for looking at the whiteboards at the university) but never permanently (actually this resulted in my present condition!) and I'd always felt appalled. I was so afraid that my boyfriend would hate them -- and me wearing them and that I'd just look generally hideous.
However. I was browsing the hundreds of frames at the shop and well, while some did look horrible on me, others made me look actually pretty good. At last I chose frames that complement my complexion, face shape, style, etc. and am very very happy to wear it any time. First of all, my face shape is kind of oval with a square jawline, and I've kept implementing various tricks with hairstyles and makeup that counter what I call a "long face". (Though people in general insist that my face shape is just perfect the way it is, I feel more comfortable when it looks fuller.) With these frames and their narrow, elongated square shape, my face is sort of cut into two portions, my eyes and lips are emphasized and the overall effect is more balanced. I love the color as well. I have light blue eyes with grayish-greenish undertones, so anything that is close to my eye color but doesn't mach it works wonders (see makeup tips below). The frames are of a metallic navy color and it pops my eyes like nothing. So in choosing the right frames, you can commit an aesthetic suicide -- or you can play up your best features! ;)

The best part is that though I got them at sales price, my frames are of the brand Dior, a treat in itself. I'd never thought I'd ever own anything Dior, let alone such a nice piece. It has little navyblue crystals along the side and is just so pretty! And it's really fun doing makeup with glasses! (see below)

So on to makeup:
The first thing you'll notice if you have negative lenses like me is that your average makeup pretty much disappears behind your glasses. So you have to go more dramatic. As I love dramatic makeup but usually feel that it's inappropriate under circumstances, for me this is a rather liberating thought. Usually going dramatic means brighter, more defined colors and more accentuated lines. So a cateye becomes thicker, more 60s style, and a supple green undertoned eyeshadow gives way to gem colors and more definite hues, shimmers and blended multicolor lids. Also think big big eyelashes (my personal fav is Cevergirl's Lashblast). Just try it, put on your glasses and see how it works. I ensure you, you can wear any shocking rainbow fantasy, you'll glasses will tone it down to an intriguing hint of originality.

That said, there's another trick you can use. People with positive lenses are more fortunate in this respect, as their glasses amplify their eyes and make them look larger. So in that case, you might want to do with a natural palette, just add sand and earth tones to your lids to create shadows and achieve that nothing-on nude beautiful wide eyed look. Gals like me, with negative lenses, can go the other route and use colors to enhance the beauty of their eyes. These trick actually work for people without glasses too and can be used when wearing lenses as well.

How to make your eyes pop with color:

You can do this two ways, with similar and complementary colors. While almost all colors suit darker eyes, blue eyed girls might have a hard time. On the one hand, you keep hearing that blues are forbidden and only sand and nude shades work for you, but on the other, there are gorgeous shades available in special summer editions and you just might not be that nude kind of girl. No problem, here's what you can do. Look at your eyes closely. Most of the time you can observe certain undertones. Mine are green (so yellow as well) and gray. This means that my eyes have the four colors in them: gray, blue, green and -- as green is made up of blue and yellow -- yellow. If you have green eyes with brownish golden undertones, your colors are yellow, brown, blue, and green. And now to the possible concoctions, your color options. It is true that exact matches are forbidden as they'll make your eyes look like a smear on your face instead of defining them. Definition is all about enhancing the border line between your eyes and the rest of your face, with making your eyes more prominent. So here's what to do. Colors suit you if they are opposites of you eye color and undertones. They also work if the compose of one of the undertones, because they're not identical to your color and don't wash your eyes out. However, if you use shades that include more of the undertones, be more careful. Enhancing yellow undertones, for example might make your eyeballs look brownish, so counter this with a cool tone (acid yellow, brightest green). And avoid colors that include all the colors in your eyes. In my case for instance these colors work best (the colors shown don't always reflect the exact shades!):
  • any blue toned black (real black), because it complements the blue but opposes the light color in my eyes.
  • any blue toned ("cold") brown or taupe for the same reason
  • any blue toned ("cold") gray, as it works beautifully with the gray undertones and pops the blue in my eyes
  • any green that is greener than my eyes (as much as I love turquoise, I can only apply certain shades of it because if it's too blueish, it washes my eyes out) real greens make the blue in my eyes more noticable
  • any blue that is bluer than my eyes (for the same reason as with greens, navy and real blue turquoise works best and baby blue shades tend to wash my light blue eyes out)
  • yellows that are not browns (any color that enhances the yellow in my eyes but does not pop the blue, also emphasizes the yellows in the eyaballs -- so skip these)
  • blue toned purples and lilacs are my friends' favorites on me as they make my eyes superblue with their undertones and differences in shade.
  • blue toned ("cold") corals

So basically anything that has one/some of the colors in my eyes but is not the color of my eyes.

I know this has been long.
But I hope it helps you
feel beautiful!
I promise to come back
soon with more!


  1. beállhatsz profi sminkesnek :D lehet hiány van belőlük Genfben ;)) viccet félretéve: nem semmi, hogy így bele tudsz merülni a részletekbe! Mindig elámulok az ilyesmin, mert őszintén szólva, én olyan pikk-pakk sminkelős típus vagyok (jójó, tudom a profi szakavatottak észre is veszik) :D

  2. lol Ez 20 év termékeny próbálkozás eredménye, onnan, hogy szétkentem anyukám rúzsát a homlokomon (és apukámén...). Amúgy tökre nem értek hozzá még mindig, de a "ma olyan furcsa az arcod" és a "sírtál?" építő jellegű megjegyzések után olyat is hallottam, hogy "de kék a szemed", és mindebből az évek során a fenti konzekvenciákat vontam le. =D (Azért ma szétkentem magamon egy adag arany púdert, hogy lássam, így készül-e a ragyogó bőrt igérő testápoló. Nem így készül.)