Friday, July 9, 2010

Geneve Plage

Ok, this is something you should probably check out if, like me, you get all beachy seeing all this water. The hot sun and the cool and incredibly clear waters of the lake make me crave a swim and last weekend we gave in.

As we were walking along the coast by the harbor, the summer beach atmosphere became all the more evident. Lots of lots of people hanging around, sunbaking, swimming at Baby Plage, eating icecream, listening to trance music, and in general, having fun.

Baby Plage is OK if you're going for the atmosphere. It's free and it does look nice enough with its little strip of combed sand. But you're not allowed to swim far(ther than a couple of meters) because of all the windsurfers and jetskiers, and you might feel safe but not exactly free.

Going a little further there were people swimming in the lake, regardless of the forbidding signs and I guess it's a good option if you really want to swim.

But we wanted to check the Plage out as it promised more swimming and less restrictions. Or so we thought.

The Plage is really really nice. Well kept lawns (if you can call them that), and trees giving welcome shade. It's clean and tidy -- and fairly expensive. If you've checked out their prices, note that they're not valid on Sundays (francophone family day) and the normal fee for a post 17h entry (CHF4.50) easily doubles up (kind of, to reach CHF7). As we weren't planning on renting a locker, we didn't bring much money. Lucky that we took a small sum for an icecream or something. It almost all went into the entry fee.

That said, I don't think the place is that expensive. It is really nice and with the (reasonably priced) restaurant and all the facilities, you can easily spend a day here. There are beach volley fields and pools for normal swimming as well as splashing water and the like, and there's a kids' pool for the ... well, the kids (it's pure fun to see how much the little ones enjoy it).

As for swimming in the lake, well, your options are not so various. Next to the jumping tower you have a little bay to swim in, and according to weather conditions they let you swim as far as only a couple of meters or some 15 meters, which is a lot nicer. We were lucky because after like 20 minutes of grumbling and complaining to the staff we saw that they replaced the yellow flag with a green one, as the small waves gave way to nonexistent ones. So we could really swim and enjoy the swimming islands. But if you are less fortunate, real Swiss safety standards might keep you on shore, a pity really when the water is so nice. It is incredibly clean and very refreshing. So if the weather's good (i.e. good enough for Swiss authorities) and it's not a national holiday, the Geneve Plage is quite worth it and the place to go.

Have an awesome weekend!
hugs & kisses

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  1. is there changing rooms and lockers ? and how much is it for renting a one ?