Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Visit Chez U Bobba

Well... (I've realized I tend to start posts this way... But, you know, sometimes it just cools you down and alows you to start at the beginning.)

I saw some nice reviews of u bobba at resto-rang, an amazing site. (Check it out if you're looking for a place to eat in Switzerland.) And as on calling them they told me they accept the Lunch Check Suisse coupons (which we have tons of), off we were walking down rue de la Corraterie, one of the nicest rues in Geneva.

The location is a plus. Now that tramways are being upgraded to a noiseless level, you hardly notice them. I love the flags down the street and the Old Town just next to the restaurant. The terrace, where we were sitting gives on the Place Neuve and the street and behind you you can see the old city wall.

OK, we've got to the hard part. I'm not going to lie, we didn't like our dinner at u bobba very much. I'll tell you why. But I'll also tell you what I loved about this place, because it was charming and to only point out the things we didn't like wouldn't do it justice. I don't want any of you think ill of this place. Simply don't go there on a date with a significant other you'd like to impress. Unless your idea of a date is much different from mine. :)

So it was a rather windy evening and still the restaurant was sort of closed from the front and everyone was sitting on the large balcony. So there we made our way, and I guess we wouldn't have been served inside anyway. It felt a bit cold and my future hubby's been caughing ever since. But we stuck around all through the meal.

Being vegetarians, I knew we had three options, because I'd checked the website in the afternoon. Well, we had two, and only one was on the menu.  Not the best start, but we ordered one of each and were ready to overlook the issue. At this point we weren't really worried about prices, because we were looking forward to our feast at this nice (though cold) place.

We usually don't eat much, that's why we started with the main courses. But we could have eaten multiple plates of salads till our dishes arrived. I started to get impatient and sulky. When we got our fair share of their goods, my sulkiness lifted considerably. Fried tofu, some tiny bit of flavored rice and a considerable amount of the vegetables sauté (love! love! love!). I felt like in heaven. (I'm known for my love of rough food.)

My date mate was a funny sight. I'll give you the details so you can imagine. He's a very tall man, and likes his food substantial. A gourmand, you could say. Not that he eats much but he likes to eat well once he sets to it. And he was staring down at a tiny amount of (very special)  risotto on a huge plate. Ladies, if you wanna look slim, try wearing a huge plate. It works for risottos.

I'd say it was a nice risotto with some white wine in it and wild mushrooms, but it had absolutely no salt in it (and I cook practically without salt, ask my friends). And when a dish is not salty enough, it just doesn't have a taste. And when you've waited ages for your meal and it arrives in a tiny portion and it has no taste... That's when you get really disappointed. Which he duly did.

We ended up sharing my dinner and having his risotto as a sider (salted accordingly). I absolutely loved the vegetables, which I should as I often make them at home as well. The stakeholder of the evening was left unimpressed and feeling cold. But to give the place another chance, we ordered dessert.

Now you have to be aware of the fact that some people might not like icecream on a cold windy evening. I like icecream each and every evening, night, morning or any other moment it happens to be around, but some people don't. Now they'll have a hard time choosing a dessert. There were like six or them, one was the usual kind (creme brulée or something) and four had icecream in them. So he chose the Panna Cotta with some berry sauce and I chose a tarte tatin aux mangues with white chocolate icecream. I've once eaten panna cotta and I remembered it as a white, delicious cheese and cream mousse. As the waitress told us it was an Italian specialty, my memories revived and I recommended it to my partner with a wide smile. He also loves cheese and he didn't want the creme brulée (or whatever). When the thing arrived, however, our smiles melted.

My dessert was awesome! And it's not just my weird taste, my date (who ended up having a bit of mine as well) also loved it. The icecream was top notch with white chocolate slivers and the tarte had hot and crunchy leafy layers with real fat mango slices on top, upon which the above mentioned i.c. sat.

The panna cotta was sad. Small and "nothing special", the worst any cotta can be. I had the last bite of icecream, he shoved in the last morceau of the tarte still yumming, and we asked for the bill.

With the 20% off we had ("last minute" reservation bonus as advertised on resto-rang), and the fact that we were paying with our coupons, we should have been satisfied with the deal we'd got. This wasn't the case. We totalled some  CHF 65, preposterous for such a small amount of food.

We were kidding about stepping in at the Armures for a fondu before heading home. We passed that favorite spot of ours, saw it was full (but really full), and went home brooding on what makes a restaurant good or bad. Food has definitely something to do with it...

Thank you for reading!
Have an awesome weekend,
go hiking, rent a pedal boat,
or just have some white chocolate icecream out in the sun. ;)
P.S. There are things to like about u bobba though.  It reminded me of the places we used to have a coffee/tea or a cocktail with my friends back in Hungary. It has live jazz music on Saturdays and has a really nice, sort of unique jazzy atmosphere. So definitely check out this place for an after work mug or glass of something spiriting, or even have a tarte to accompany it. ;) Prices might actually be set just for this type of fun.

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