Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My DIY Wedding Invitations [UPDATE]

Oh, I haven't told you! They've been dispatched and now we're awaiting responses. Oh my, but they took a while to get ready! So if you're planning to make your own wedding invitations, give yourself time to prepare them.We had hand written invitations (yes, it was my hand...), because we felt it was more personal. Nevertheless, we wanted the writing to look nice and also used a golden pen, so the whole thing looked rather nice, and we managed to avoid the "postcard" finish.
I used a layer of floral hand made paper (think little ink blue flowers worked into the material) as the "cover" of creme colored folded cards, each bound with an ink blue ribbon of raffia. They turned out really special and cute and totally in line with the general atmosphere of the wedding to come.

Have you crafted your invitations?

Are you planning to craft them?
Tell me what you think of hand made invitations! ;)


  1. I've also made the invitations myself and I really think it's a good choice. You just put a bit from yourself(your feelings, your happiness and enthusiasm)in them. And yes, it makes them more personnel. Honestly, I didn't write them on my own, but it took a lot to prepare them. And it worthed, it is still on our bookshelf to remember us that day.

  2. Wow a very romantic wedding invitations, wedding invitations I liked it, very simple and feminine. With an elegant blend of color and modern, very amazing. I want to create a design for my brother, if You have the example design

  3. Finally I managed to add a photo... Unfortunately there were no invitations left after we distributed them (well, fortunately actually, as it turned out more guests could come), but we do have the photos. It might also give you a hint what they looked like. It's really not difficult to craft them at all, it only takes (a lot of) time but yes, totally worth it! ;)