Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"How's Wedding Planning?"

They keep asking me. And I keep saying, welllllll,...

I'm a bit like a fish out of water with all of this. Normally I make impulsive decisions on the spur of the moment. Of course there is a (slight =D) chance that I don't chose the absolute best but most of the time my choices turn out to be stunningly appropriate and anyway, I never look back to brood on what I should've, could've or would've done. Usually I form next time...! statements, and there's quite a list of these in my mental notebook at this age. :)

But wedding planning is different. One (usually a bride, dam' tradition!) has long lists (a guest list, a to-do list, a shopping list, a groom's wishes list, a responsibilities list, perhaps even a death roll by the end...) that one's to consult every now and then and organize the decision making. You cannot just draw up a plan and send it to your caterer/hairdresser/vendor/friend, because there's the groom/your aunt Jane/the venue/the weather/the dress/the photos/the airport schedule/thousand other things to consider... It gives me a headache just to start thinking about one issue on any of those lists.

You know what? I'm seriously thinking it's all rather like a huge board game, a cooperative one, with some evil spirit (Life?) on the other end of the board... And we've gotta win!

It's not so terrible at all, that' not what I'm driving at. It's simply that I'm so terrible at it. Seriously, I suck at organizing such huge events, with tons of people involved. And it's not even that I'm trying to cater for their needs (no pun intended), but I do want this day (these 3 days) to be perfect -- in our way. And this means I cannot just order any cake but I have to find the right one. I cannot have the flowers look just nice, I have to have them our way. And (I learned this quickly) our way is a little off the beaten track. So we're beating that track through mud and jungle.

OK, enough of the complaints, for my friends know me for despising them. I'll give you the news, so you can see that we've been actually doing something instead of sitting down and crying.

My dress(es) are being made and they are awesome!
Yes, they are. I'm willing to recommend my Hungarian seamstress to anyone. I'm pretty sure if she was living in New York or Paris, she'd be working for some of the greatest designer houses! Her work is a marvel and she's supertalented in how to make one's figure look the best, what color suits what complexion, etc. She's gooood! (Check out her page, soon to feature me among the pics! =D)

The groom's dressed too!
Yes, the miracle has happened. We've found suit, shirt and tie for by beautifully slender, unfairly tall husband-to-be. He reminds me a lot of the Bonnie & Clyde myth wearing his new suit and cuts a real off-beat groom! ;) I'm (obviously) really impressed with this development.

We're negotiating prices, etc.
Which means "we have a plan". And that's a big step forward. We've submitted queries and are awaiting answers and propositions. So as soon as we have those, details about the venue and the food will fit into place.

We have a sketch of the reception program.
This is going to be fun! Oh my, I guess I'm a real performer at heart. I was really against entertaining guests at the beginning. But I soon found out that there are other (and more fun) ways than the traditional "torture the couple" type of games. We've found really nice ways to entertain all present, without sacrificing our dignity -- and we'll have our own portion of fun too!

We're awaiting responses to invitations.
In fact, we've already received one. So we'll see how our no-RSVP, "contact us by email" method works. Of course, we've talked to most of the guests personally or through the phone, because the guest list is quite small and they're mostly close family and very good friends.

I know this has been quite long. But you see, we've been at work. :) Despite all the difficulties. ;)

Thanks for reading!
And enjoy the good weather while it lasts...
I'm afraid it'll be back to rain in no time... :(

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