Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fiance Visa [UPDATE] (Q: "How to stay with my fiance in Switzerland?" Aliens' Police -- A Nice Experience! ;))

I've just received a letter from the Immigration Office in Geneva. As you might remember my previous post, I contacted them in order to be able to stay longer than the 180 days/year. It took them like a month to answer, after which I received a very short letter stating that after the wedding I should provide them with 2 passport photos and a copy of the marriage certificate.

I assume this means that I can stay :) I don't know whether I can look for work or not, but I guess it's fine if I start work once we're married.

Well, just thought I'd share the happy news. I'm glad I wasn't made an example of, hauled out by my hair or something.

Curious thing though: I was never examined boarding the plane or landing in Geneva a couple of days ago when I arrived. I don't think they knew I had submitted an application... Or do they check things through some system and registered my entry by my passport number (which is also registered with the authorities)? I was just so prepared to tell the police my story... :D

Good luck to all trying to settle in Switzerland! Not easy but totally worth it. :)

Thanx for reading!

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