Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Reception Games: a Do Or a Don't?

Well, I've been reading some really controversial stuff on it. It seems, some people are completely appalled by the idea and would just leave immediately once a game is announced at a wedding reception. Others feel kind of out of place at wedding receptions, and feel that games help them find their place and make them more aware of what to do. There are also weddings where, for cultural, religious or completely other reasons, dancing is not an option. So reception games come into play.

I don't quite know about others. I have never ever been to a wedding reception (wait, I've been to a Caribbean one, completely by chance, but that was exceptional...very exceptional), so I don't quite know about myself. I guess there are situations where wedding reception games are a complete don't. But in our case they seem pretty justified.

I have to emphasize that by games I don't mean a) boardgames, however the groom would love them; b) games centered on "torturing" the bride and groom (or the guests). But as we're two extreme fun loving persons, our families and friends are also a bit on the extreme and fun loving side. There's absolutely no way they'd enjoy the cake-eating-dancing-hitting-bed kind of wedding. And neither would we. So we'd better be inventive, huh?

I'm not gonna tell you what games we've picked (why, guests may be reading!) but my tedious and long internet search has proved fruitful. We have found some really fun and cool games, and we've tweaked a couple to suit our needs.

My absolute fav is the Fun Fact game. You can play it in many many ways, we've just thought of one that suits us and the party best. The basic idea is that you gather some facts about the couple that guests/the other may or may not be familiar with. And then you play it all up. Taped interviews, flash cards are possible ways of doing it, but you can design your own. I prefer the ones that are the most original and the least TV show like. The web is full of info on this, and I'm sure to add ours to the list when the wedding is over. ;)

Another real hit can be the Kissing Challenge, as I call it. It can also be done in many many ways, but the basic idea is the same: guests like to clang their glasses for the couple to kiss. I think it's a rather nasty tradition (I want to have my fill of the wonderful food we've chosen!) and too easy on the guests. What we'll do: we'll make them pay for the kiss. I'm not talking money here... but there are so many ways to let the bride and groom have their fun too. (*evil laugh*) The web has various options too, we've picked and tweaked the one we liked best. Be prepared to pay for your fun, haaa haaa haaaa! :D

And there will be others like these, small things that don't require running around or shoving eggs up and down the groom's trouser legs or blindfolding either of us. Neither are these cheesy or childish, as you can see. It's just doing what we do best: giving old concepts a makeover and make our families and friends laugh their heads off. ;)


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