Monday, May 10, 2010

We Have the Rings! ;)

Yes, they've arrived.

Needless to say, mine fits into the groom's easily, so we can store them in the same box. lol

They're beautiful! I've been trying to write a review at Blue Nile, but I guess I'd have to sign in or something. Anyway, mine is the 2 mm platinum ring (it's a bestseller, hard to miss) and his is 4 mm (if I remember correctly) and sort of D shaped. Nice...

They were relatively cheap (BN's huge on wedding deals, I guess one of the cheapest out there). I love the feel and look of platinum, and I love just how cute mine is! My size is 4.5, so you can figure I have really thin fingers. A wider ring would have looked weird, especially since I want to wear it next to my engagement ring (at least initially). I was wondering a lot whether the width was a good choice. But it totally was and I'm glad I didn't listen to all the whining on the net how small these rings look. Well, if you have small fingers, then you need a small ring, don't you? I have to say I love it.

Hubby's is a lot bigger, but it suits him a lot. The process of finding the right size was a pain though. The paper measurement tool etc. just doesn't work. Paper's nothing like metal, and it would never give accurate measures. So, I did the same as I had done when I had to have my engagement ring resized. I took a kids' ring and sized it and resized it like 1000 times till it fit my fiance's finger. Then we compared it to the ring sizes given at the homepage. I guess we got it right but he still won't be swimming wearing the ring... I guess I'll have to wear all 3 on my necklace during our honeymoon :) I'll go out and buy a steel necklace with a lock on it... XD

But the bottom line is that
1)platinum makes a nice metal for wedding rings, if you like its steely feel and less shiny surface.
2)BN has good deals but careful with the sizes (their silver is much pricier!)
3)2 mm is a nice width for women with small finger sizes and looks nice to a similarly narrow engagement ring.

Thank you guys for reading!
Enjoy the last rays of the sun and
have an awesome evening.

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