Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Q: "How to stay with my fiance in Switzerland?" Aliens' Police -- A Nice Experience! ;)

I've just been to the Aliens' Police (Office cantonal de la population: Police des étrangers). It was a very nice experience, they were really nice to us.

I learned the following concerning (relatively) long term stays in Switzerland. Of course, it might vary by nationality, but the application is quite straightforward for us, two Hungarians. But I've read so many things about it on the web and so little sources actually say what is needed for the procedure that I thought I'd gather it here.

To make things clear, my fiance has a 5 year B permit issued in Geneva and I'm a tourist towards the end of my 90 days. We've fixed a date for our wedding, of which we have a rather non-official looking form, but as it bears the heading of the cantonal Etat Civil, it's considered golden. Also, I was speaking French, which they seem to love (I guess their English would make them feel less professional and more annoyed).

So the procedure is the following:

We need to provide
- a "fresh" certificate of my fiance's salary
- the paper we have about the date of the wedding
- copy of passports
- copy of my fiance's permit (this wasn't quite clear so I'm sending it anyway)
- two forms from the OCP (Office Cantonal..., one stating that he'll support me financially and be responsible for me up to CHF30.000 and another with my personal info, both in French)
- a little pink card from the OCP

I'm also sending them a copy of the bail (contract with the regie). I had it with me and they looked at it but didn't say I'll need to send it as well. We had so many forms I didn't ask about each one, so I'm sending the anyway.

Yes, sending them by post. It's possible to hand them in in person I guess, but as we didn't have all the papers necessary, we'll have to send them. But they told me the moment I post them for evaluation (i.e. the date on the postage stamp), my status is legal until they decide about my case. Which, as I hear might even take till the wedding, so...


  1. Hi, I am in the midst of applying for my fiance visa and the Immigration officer emailed us a form to be filled which mentioned that my fiance should be responsible for me for up to CHF 30 000 which is the same as what you mentioned in your post. What I would like to ask is did the cantonal immigration office require a deposit payment? If yes, how much was it; I understand its 5 years ago but any information would be helpful. Thank you.

  2. Hi Bawanee

    Well, we eventually decided to get married, so once we fixed a date at the Gemeinde, I stayed on with a "wedding planning" visa extension. :) But a friend of mine went with this solution and no, he didn't have to set aside a deposit or any such thing. All he had to do was to sign the forms and show that he had the cash (salary). Hope this helps. Best, F