Monday, May 31, 2010

Pedal Boats on Lake Geneva

This post will be relatively short because I have to be packing. Tomorrow morning (very early if you ask me) I'll be leaving for Budapest, Hungary. I've mixed feelings about this trip, I'm really happy to see my family and friends and I'm certainly excited about graduating -- but I don't like leaving Geneva. This city is just too cute to be true and though working conditions are tough, I like ti here a lot. Well, I suppose that will be the topic of another post, one that is long due.

But back to our fun. As the Lake is not really open to naval transport (save the 4 little yellow boats on the river and the couple of ferries to other towns), it's a paradise for water sports lovers. In sunny weather (even when the water's too cold for swimming) sailboats and the like populate the water and many people hire pedal boats to head for the glittering waves.

There are only a couple of rules for pedal boat riders, and those are quite straightforward (no going under the Jet, into the city, etc.). But other than that you can go to Lausanne if you wish! ;) In our experience, however, there is an optimal time to spend on the lake. For two people one hour is too tight because it takes about 10 minutes to really take off and the beginning section is filled with the lazier pedallers so it takes some skills too. :) Two hours can seem a bit longish (but nice) when it's not so sunny (like last Saturday) and you can't swim. But if it's hotter and you can sunbathe a bit or swim, time flies by faster so be prepared to rent for a longer period. There are 2/4/6 seat drives so you can take your friends or family, however, only two people have to drill so be prepared to draw straws from time to time. ;)

It's no ad, so I won't tell you where to find the little blue hut but you'll soon find that there's only one place in Geneva to rent decent pedal boats. They have other kinds as well, motor boats and such, some of them driven by the solar panels on the hut's roof! They're not so expensive either, for a 2/4 seat pedal boat it's CHF 20/36 for 1/2 hours and motor boats start around 50 per hour (if I remember correctly). Compared to Geneva prices in general, it's a good deal.

Check them out and tell me what you think! ;)
Have a nice week!

your fleur ;)


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  2. @ baresytapas:
    Hi, and thanks for popping in! ;)

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