Sunday, May 16, 2010

News About My Thesis!

Hi all

Thank you so much for all the finger crossing and well wishing! <3

My thesis turned out to be a 5 (or an A, the highest mark achievable in the Hungarian system), and now I'm awaiting the official commentary. My mom's picking it up tomorrow -- I'm so excited!

What's left is the final exam, where I'll have to "defend" my thesis in the face of the commentary (I have a couple of ideas what issues might come up...) and relate all I know about a given topic in Applied Linguistics.

I'm not particularly nervous about it, after all I've been studying the topic for years now and it's really one of my "babies". LOL Also I have more than 3 weeks so I can read on it as much as I can. ;)

So thanks you guys for wishing me luck, it worked. ;)

Have an awesome week! ;)

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