Friday, May 7, 2010

My Two Weddings

Oh my, what a laugh!
I've just realized something.
By a strange turn of events (well, quite logical if one thinks about it) I will have two weddings. And not in the usual way. The ceremony will be performed in Geneva, while the celebration will take place in Hungary two days later.

Two different purposes, two different settings. Different people, different options... two different weddings.
So where does this leave me?

Well, I had a hilarious idea. You remember how I started out dreaming of a simple simple wedding with no frustration and planning, where everyone can enjoy themselves and do whatever they want? And then how the reception venue (a beautiful 19th century glasshouse) changed the whole thing. Well, I've thought of something wonderful! ;)

As we have two weddings, and the settings are so different, we can do whatever we want! :D
When I realized that since the Town Hall in Geneva is actually at the end of our street (how we got to live here I have no idea), I imagined myself walking down the street in my attire with my family following behind on high heels and so on and so forth... and I felt like bursting in a laugh! Seriously! How can we do that in the spirit of our forthcoming very chic and pompous event? Well, what if we don't have to?

We can still have our easygoing, funny and fresh wedding, here in Geneva! I can still go down to the florist and pick some flowers on the spur of the moment (I'll check some days in advance to make sure they'll have white flowers :D) or just grab a rose or a chrysanthemum ( like Psmith :D) and trot down to the Town Hall, wearing my lace dream like a child would her favorite summer dress. And I can smile in front of our 10 megapixel cameras, and laugh and skip and jump and take a stroll in the park and care about nothing.

Only to leave such childishness behind two days later and enter the cream dream of a uniquely modern but still quite elegant celebration. (Which will then turn into a freakishly huge party...) Where I'll wear the same dress like a queen, my makeup and hair immaculate and beam next to my handsome husband.

Kinda metaphorical too. Like entering adulthood. In a way, I guess, it is. We'll be responsible for each other, in a way that I haven't been responsible for anyone or anything before. I'm quite excited about our fresh little wedding in Geneva, but I'm also really excited about being married. I just know that this will change our lives forever, like it was what we were meant to do, after these 10 years.

To the future husband and wife!

Thank you all for reading!
Have a sweet weekend! ;)

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