Sunday, May 16, 2010

My DIY Wedding Invitations

As I've mentioned earlier, I'm doing my own wedding invitations.

It wasn't an easy decision and I still don't know if it was a good one. =) But there are two very good reasons for me to do so. First of all, we wanted to make the invitations as personal as possible. Addressing each guest by his or her name wasn't quite enough. So we got thinking... The second one was that as the invitations set the tone of the wedding and the reception, we wanted them to reflect the elegant yet carefree and natural atmosphere of the event. Besides, I couldn't really find the perfect invitation design, no matter how many sites I visited. And last but not least, as we're having two different wedding sites and many program options, we need like 4 kinds of invitations depending on whether it's for a Swiss friend attending the civil ceremony, a childhood friend invited to the party, or a close family member participating in both. And there's the differences in wording, etc.

So it's easy to see the advantages of the DIY method, however, you have to be skilled enough in the area (I'm a 3rd generation craftsperson) and take into account possible mishaps. A good idea is to experiment a bit before starting the project itself, to see where your talents lie. It takes some time as well, and a lot of patience (something I'm really short of...). But now that I'm done I can say it's totally worth it. It totally took my mind off all my troubles, and at the same time made me feel that I was actually doing something to further the development of our wedding plans. It was a cheerful and relaxing experience, and the invitations do look the way we wanted them to.

Now it's only the finishing touches and the text that's left, the latter still awaiting the finalization of the venues and other details. But on the whole, I guess it deserves a thumbs up: Nice job. Well done. ;)

Thanx for reading,
and have a wonderful week
with lots of sunshine and love,



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