Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 2 Fav Beauty Secrets

... from my 2 fav gurus! ;) (I have a couple more, maybe I'll share their tips with you guys later. But I don't want this to turn into a beauty blog. However,...)

Guys, you have to try these! They've saved my day/life on several occasions!

1) FACE: I was very very skeptical but I had nothing to lose. Plus, my skin's been punishing me for some time and I thought I'd fight back. :) You won't believe how soft and flawless this makes my skin! Since then I do it every morning, tweaking the original recipe a bit: I use a smaller amount of fine brown sugar (so that crystals are more gentle) and sometimes I add a bit of Clean & Clear daily wash creme (full of yummy salicylic acid) for a more luxurious feel.

2) NAILS: You can't imagine how much this simple trick is worth. I can get my smelly noname polish last for 5 (!) days (I haven't found the same strawberry color in bigger brands but I'm still looking) and no polish leaves a trace on my nails. It's easier to take them off though they last like twice as long as they normally do. So go ahead and try this:

Have a beautiful day you all!
Thanx for reading! ;)

Thank you Kandee and Tiffany, you're awesome! ;)

Lots of hugs

Your sunflower ;) (The sun's shining in Geneva! Gosh I'm going out to have some fun in the sun! =D)

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