Monday, May 10, 2010

The Monster is Awakening

The eye of the enemy is moving. It's checking out lace gloves and tiaras. Is there any hope to stop this madness?

It' begun...

Well... I know I was the first to cast away frothy veils and tight rose bouquets. I still insist on those first limits I set. But I never said anything about tiaras, now did I? Or rhinestone necklaces? You see, I'm not ditching my principles! No, I'm definitely not.

I still want a simple wedding. A carefree, childish and easygoing wedding. But, this other, this dangerous side of me... has gone to claire's. It was a mistake, I know. I should have never stepped in! I should have never walked to the wall where they keep all those fake diamond tiaras. But I have to admit, I was curious. A friend had mentioned them as part of the princess style outfit she had worn to her wedding. And I wanted to know what I was saying no to. So I checked them out...

And suddenly I was caught. They looked awesome! And... and... paired with the rhinestone necklace next to them, they'd make THE perfect queen jewelry. For, as I've already mentioned, I intend to be a queen at my second wedding. It will be a party, a huge party, for our families in the heart of an English landscape park -- most suitable for all the drama and glam.

The funniest thing though is that style actually costs nothing. As I've argued, there's no such thing as a simple wedding if you're inviting 30 people and renting a venue. It might be natural in style, but it will cost almost the same as if you went the traditional way. What you can save on is organization (DIY) and the frills (like, in our case, the music won't play such an important part /no pun intended/ so there's no point in hiring a band). But things like jewelry cost the same, as it's more the material that matters, not the style. Flowers are the same. Turns out it's simply impossible for me to go to the flower market the day before (I'll be sitting on the plane), so I'll have to hire someone, no matter. And then, though I'll go as organic, local and seasonal as I can, but I'll still end up with the same bill, I'm afraid.

So if it's the same price, why not have it breathtaking? Oh my, I really love those tiaras... I hope I can convince the groom to allow at least a bejeweled comb... We'll see...

In every wedding planning there's always a groom to convince... >:D

Thanks for reading!
Have a superb week! ;)


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