Monday, April 5, 2010

We ARE getting married in Geneva! (Paperwork done!)

So we've done it. Gathered all the papers, had some of them translated (in Geneva) and submitted them, just before the holidays.

This means it's official. Well, kind of. What's left is the "interview" at the Register Office (Etat Civil), three months before the actual wedding date, where we'll sign a couple of documents attesting that we're not currently married etc. and where we'll get the official permission. So fingers crossed... But I don't think anything could turn up now really.

I'm busy rereading my thesis (which came out as an awesome little piece, btw), and then I'll be working on some nice DIY invitations and stuff like that.

We've had some friends over from Hungary, which means that I'm well behind on updating. I'll do that shortly. Stay tuned! And thanx for reading! Have a great Easter Monday! ;)

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