Friday, April 30, 2010

Stevia Sweetener (Powder) -- Product Review

Yeah, it seems I'm starting to follow the average blog pattern... I can promise I'm not gonna post film reviews next. That's for sure. However, there are a couple of awesome products that I've come across around the world, and I really think they're worth sharing.

So my last shopping experience in Switzerland was a very nice one. I was reaching for some baking soda when I discovered a box thrown onto the pile by some customer that had changed their mind. It was a box of stevia sweeteners. I thought I read the label wrong. But nope, it's for real. So I searched the supermarket for the original shelf and found that it comes in two kinds, a huge bottle of white powder and a little box full of the well known little white tablets, which look quite like my saccharin "pills".

I stocked on both, but have only tried the powder so I'll write about that. But first, I have to tell you why I was so thrilled to have found it. First of all, I am such a huge sweet tooth that I'd be drinking my coffee with 4 lumps if I let myself. But with a history of diabetes in the family and a figure conscious lifestyle, I simply cannot do that. I can't seem to fight down my sort of addiction to a sweet latte either. Believe me, I've tried. And failed many times.

On the other hand, I'm really fond of natural and organic stuff. In all areas of life. So I was really happy to try this one. Let's see...

It's nice, much nicer than the home-made "stevia stews" we used to have. The thing with stevia though is that its sweet taste is more like an after taste. To give you an idea, the stews we used to make at home made my coffee no sweeter actually, but it had a decidedly sweet after taste. It was really working with cakes and the like though, so I guess the problem was that the taste particles take a long time to solve.

Now this product is much better at that. It is sweet. It's still a bit after tasty, but is definitely sweet at first as well. One spoon of the powder is like one spoon of sugar. Not as sweet as sugar though and it takes some getting used to, but definitely sweet. And it's all natural.

So what I do is that I take 1/3 of my usual amount of saccharin and add the same amount of stevia powder. To get the same taste. It's a lot less sweeteners and much more natural. I feel I need the saccharin to make it taste the same as usual, but it's definitely less and the outcome is more natural. Maybe the next generation of stevia sweeteners will solve the problem completely. But I'm happy to have found this one! ;)

Thanx for reading!
Have an awesome day!

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