Wednesday, April 14, 2010

... Aaaaaand Back!

Long time, no see. I know, I know. But I've had so very much to do. The silver lining is, I guess, that now I have lots of things to write about. So let's start with the most important ones.

My thesis is done, on its way to the Head (of the department) for evaluation. So exciting! It's been really fun writing it, actually. I do feel good now that I've finished it, but I'd also love to use my new research skills in the future. I've learned so much and it feels just such a waste if I don't go on developing these newfound abilities of mine...

Wedding preparations are on their way too. We submitted the papers to the Register Office some time before Easter and got a rendezvous with the officials there for the end of April. Normally it doesn't take so long, but since you have to get married in 3 months after receiving the permission, they couldn't give us an earlier date. So doing the math I guess we're sure to get the permission at the end of April. So cool.
My dress is being made in the meantime, I'll have the first real trial in May (so far it's been more like measurements & discussions).
The venue is fixed as well, and I've started daydreaming of the whole thing, so I guess I'm becoming a real bride. :)

So what now?
Well, first of all, I'll be writing my accounts of the past couple of weeks here. :) It's been really long and lots of things have been happening.

Then, I should be looking for a job. It's also really exciting! Last time I decided to look, an invitation came before I got to the ads. I'm not expecting anything like this to happen this time, but you never know. I love the feeling of this sort of freedom. I feel I can really become anything! :)
Of course, with 5 years of experience, teaching is a good guess. I'll check in that direction. I love teaching, I do, and lots of people (other than myself) say that I'm pretty good. So I guess I'm pretty good. But really. Bragging aside, I really think that I have the makings of a good language tutor. I've probably flaunted my opinion on teaching here, as I do everywhere I go, but I seriously believe that teaching is way much more than taking something I know and putting it into someone else's head. I believe that it's essential to understand each and every student on a variety of levels before anything can happen. And then, then can the teacher act as a sort of coach, exercising and strengthening those muscles, toning and building existing abilities and helping the formation of new ones. So I guess I could be teaching again, it would be fun!
Then I have the option of looking for something that would eventually lead to me becoming some sort of a researcher. My main field is language learning and motivation and sociolinguistics, but I'd love to be involved in all sorts of projects involving social issues. So I'll also check in that direction.
But at this point I'm fairly open. We'll see what the future brings.
And yes, I'd love to live and work in Geneva. I love the city and the country. I can't really explain, it's a bit as if I'd been born a Swiss, only no one knew. I know most people are annoyed by rules and regulations and especially in Eastern Europe there's a strong tendency to ignore them or look for loopholes. But I do like regulations that make sense. And I love neatness and recycling and being economical, and I do feel bad about any kind of mess. And I love nature, almost above all. So I'd love to live in Geneva. But I'll also accept if I can't, just for now. After all, in a year, Switzerland will be open for the citizens of new EU-member states.

So wish me luck with all these enterprises! ;) Thanks for reading! And have a beautiful, beautiful day! ;)

(Keep tuned, there's more to come! Soon! ;))


  1. Szuper, akkor minden sínen van! ;)
    Néha én is elgondolkozom, hogy milyen lehet máshol élni, de valahogy mindig arra jutottam, hogy egyelőre itt van feladatom. Pedig sok mindent hiányolok vagy túlzásnak tartok ebben az országban.
    Érdekes, hogy a sok bizonytalanság ellenére ennyire "magához vonzott" téged Svájc. Az ilyesmit biztos megérzi az ember, és szerintem az hozzáállás is nagyon sokat számít. Úgyhogy egy kalappal, biztos jól megy majd minden (munka, tanulás, stb)! ;)

  2. ^.^ Igen, azt hiszem, a feladat számít igazán... Néha úgy tűnhet, "feladás" lesz a dologból, de az ember _érzi_, hogy mit kell tennie. Úgyhogy jól jön a kalap! :D

  3. Jahh, és tökéletes hely meg nincs, max az ember jobban bepasszol, mint a puzzle a kis hiányosságaival, meg feleslegeivel ;)