Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Perfect Wedding Dresses... from the End of the World...

I might have just found the perfect dress... it's in China.

I don't know what's got into me, I usually don't do this sort of thing. I don't order stuff from the internet in general, let alone clothing. I love taking things off the shelves before I buy them, try them out/on, even go outside to see them in daylight (should see the face of shop assistants! =D). So I'm really not into this sort of thing. So what happened?

First I started browsing (that's where many a good plan plunges into its doom...) and I saw the huge differences on the price tags of salon stocked versus online custom made dresses. And as I love saving money (to spend it elsewhere =D), I was half hooked.

Then I realized how fast I have to act, with the wedding coming up in 4.5 months and how difficult it was with me in such horrible countries, market-wise. I mean Switzerland is so unreasonably expensive and Hungary... well, it's a totally different style and vendors hold to their belief that a bride can pay any sum (therefore imagine huge princess dresses for a month's salary).

And then, finally, came the dress. This dream of  slender lace magnificence with enchanting details and a hint of old time glamor lost forever... and my heart skipped a beat.

So what do I do? Am I crazy? Ordering from a site where they state things like they can send me the dress as a gift so that I won't have to pay taxes?

Here's the thing. The dress is from www.wedding-dress-gown.com.
I don't know what to think of them. I might just order it anyway and cross fingers it wouldn't be $200 thrown away. I haven't found any reviews so far.

Please if you've ordered a dress from them, be so kind as to comment. I'd really appreciate any advice!

I've read good things about Little Coral (also China-based), but I haven't fallen for their dresses, though some seem to look the same (even the pix...). But they're reviewed throughout the internet, which is something...

What do you guys think? Come on, let me know! ;)

I really like the dress...


  1. woooow! teljesen igazad van! én is rosszul voltam az itthoni kölcsönzős-lehúzós felállástól... szóval tök tuti, ha ennyiért lesz egy csodás saját ruhád, és ahogy leírtad, biztos szép lehet :) Ha mégse jönne be, akkor végülis nem annyira durva összeg, és még mindig kereshetsz másikat. Na, majd írd meg mire jutottál :)Amúgy a múltkori post-om nem jelenik meg, nem tudod miért?

  2. izééé, kommentre gondoltam

  3. ooo... fogalmam sincs, miért... nem értem!
    utánaolvastam a dolognak: hát, tényleg eléggé kétesélyes. Vagy nagyon jó lesz, vagy nagyon rossz. lehet, hogy ennyiért megéri kipróbálni... de nagyon nyaggatni kell őket közben, mert van, hogy a méret/szín/anyag(!) nem stimmel, szóval ha valaki nem nyaggatja őket, azt szeretik olcsón letudni... Na, van még idő eldönteni... bárcsak lehetne tudni, hogy milyenek ezek valójában!

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