Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Planning...

I'm not freaking out. I'm just thinking of giving up.

I have my little helpers doing the paperwork for me back in Hungary. But I still have a 3 page long to-do list and I'm all alone with it.

What really makes things difficult is that I have all these expectations thrown at me. On the one hand it should be fairly cheap and simple. I love the idea of an easy going atmosphere, where people don't have to worry about their clothes, etc. But on the other hand I keep being told how wonderful some recent weddings were that people went to, and how no one's gonna remember ours... Well, isn't it for us to remember (and not as a nightmare)? Am I missing something?

So there's the pressure of pleasing everyone, while being true to our original plans (and budget...). To be honest I think if everybody has a great time and we enjoy it just as much, that makes a perfect wedding. But I'm always confronted with what others want and I'm just really not a good planner, so I'd rather keep to the original plan... It's so very difficult to arrange everything through the internet and have it perfect.

Besides, I really like the original plan... And I'm sure it would "please" the guests as well: they'd enjoy it because it's so easy and free of pretense and constraints and it'll really have a great atmosphere! And they'd see how happy we are! Isn't that enough?

Isn't it?

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