Thursday, February 25, 2010

So How's It Been in Geneva?

Good. Been good. Yepp.

Well, it's kind of spring. The weather seems to copy my mood a lot, it changes from dazzling sunshine to pouring rain and back in a matter of minutes. I'm not moody! =D Sure, not.

I guess I am a bit. But is it any surprise? I mean I'm juggling wedding and thesis and final exam... But enough of that. I'm not one of those brides (I am a bride... amazing!) that go crazy planning the wedding. Sure, not.

I'm one of those brides that are in Geneva and like it. Still. It's such a wonderful city, I can't tell you how much I love it. It's so small, so you can easily go (almost) anywhere on foot. But it's big enough that it has all the cultural events, programs and such things that metropolises have. It's also so cute with the old town and the buildings that they've taken such good care of that nothing's ever tore down here. (This goes for 50s-60s style houses too, which is so pathetic it's even funny.)

And I love the mountains all around, with snow caps while here you can lounge in sunshine at the bank of the river and watch seagulls and swans and weird little birds with funny rubbery legs. Though I'm only dreaming about tours of the city and walks by the lake. I'm mostly indoors, writing stuff and reading stuff. But soon the weather will be warm enough for me to read on benches or in cafes. And I'll have more time to look for jobs and plan and plan and plan and plan...

But I don't want anyone to think that the city is any less awesome. It's just my life that's a bit complicated at the moment. But I guess life's always what you make of it so... I just really want to finish my thesis so that I can focus on other projects.

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