Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Organizing a Wedding in Switzerland

Well, currently we're working on like plan 2342... The first one, the huge Swiss wedding, soon turned out to be impossible to organize, let alone pay for. It's not really the money but it's obvious that we couldn't really stick to the location, the date and our wedding list as well as the fantastic ideas we had. So we had to weight which ones we're going to stick with and at the moment we're planning a much less impossible mission. It still has to be accomplished though.

I won't go into details here (not that I have many -- I guess I don't want to jinx the few ideas I have...).

This is just a quick note to give you a couple of links and stuff to help all who are planning a wedding in Switzerland.

1) It's the Etat Civil (Register Office) of your home town/region that's responsible for the legal process. You'll have to take all your papers there so that they can issue a permission. If it's established that you're permitted to get married in CH, you can choose (almost) any other location, normally a Town Hall.

2) Other than that, there are a few fantastic locations in Switzerland to check out, available on selected dates only.

3) This site is awesome in giving (French/German/Italian) details on the process, your rights, etc.

4) And this is for Hungarians, doing the planning in Hungary.

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