Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Wedding Makeup (simple, natural, cute, etc =D)

Sorry for not posting photos but "you're not supposed to see the bride", right?

I've been looking for a natural but beautiful wedding makeup for like... ever since I got engaged. I know this is not supposed to be such an important part of wedding planning -- but I can see now that most of the planning I'm doing is in order to avoid some things I've seen at weddings and pictures.

So from the first moment on I was obsessed with the idea of a natural fresh flawless makeup look. I wanted none of the heavy foundation and accentuated mauve lips and huge fake lashes. These can be done in a really sexy way, I'll admit that, but I just wanted to look less made up on my wedding day than ever. I guess for me this is what makes it kind of special, as I normally wear lots of colors and bold monotones and sparkly lashes and... well, obvious makeup. But this is not gonna happen on my wedding day.

Partly because I really don't want to be doing any touch ups and also because the theme of the whole thing is nature and it's really going to be a comfortable event, I'm going for that barely there look. This obviously doesn't mean that I'm not going to wear makeup. But it won't look as if I was.

OK, so the look. It's all over the internet (and commercials, etc.) so I'm not posting photos here. It's about glowing peachy cheeks, huge innocent eyes, natural pinky lips. So I've checked everywhere (youtube, wedding sites, pics, whatever) and have come up with a few ground rules for this look to follow.

1) No shimmer or sparkle. These usually look weird in photos (especially with flash)! So if you have a fav product that you can't ditch even for a day XD take lots of photos to try what it will look like. Also consider the conditions (indoor/outdoor, time of day, etc.)

2) No real colors. If you want your makeup to really blend into your natural coloring, use only nude, neutral tones. It's basically about contouring and creating natural-looking shadows on the face.

3) No harsh lines. I'm definitely going to use an eyeliner (I guess fluid but it's undecided as yet. I really love Too Faced Liquif-Eye, because it can be made into any color, but I might just go with a waterproof pencil), but no definite flicks or very black lines.

4) Use stuff that you're comfortable wearing. You don't want to feel your makeup or worry about it. (For instance, I've just found L'Oreal Color Riche in 455 the other day and it feels so very good on my lips and one coat gives the exact bitten pink shade I'm looking for! And I won't even mind if it comes off as I only need to reapply a tiny bit without a mirror.)

So basically I'm going to
  • (Apply a rich moisturizer and some foundation/concealer/whatever needed for a flawless look.)
  • Prime my lids.
  • Spread a neutral skin-toned mat shadow on the upper lid (a bit above the crease as well).
  • Use an eyeliner in gray/soft black close to my upper lashline.
  • Line my lower waterline/wetline with a white pencil (I use a (noname) jumbo pencil, as I don't want any stark lines).
  • Spread this color on my upper lid and below the browbone as well as the inner corner of the eye & blend with my fingertips (you can do this confidently as you're going to blend but this is what will make your eyes look big, sparkly and innocent).
  • Use a mat pink-ish neutral shadow on top of it in the outer half of my upper lids (to create dimension and add a bit of color, while matching the rest of the look).
  • Line the outer part of my lower lashline with a mocha pencil (just to connect with the white you've blended, so don't need to go all the way in...)
  • Blend a little bit of a mat mocha color in my crease and
  • Blend the whole look together a little bit, without making the colors totally disappear. :)
  • Take care of my brows. :)
  • Curl lashes & apply mascara.
  • A hint of peachy blush and pink lipstick (I hate glosses but glosslovers can apply some ;]) and ready to hit the aisle!

I really don't know if this helps... =D But I've been looking for something like this for a week now without success. So here it is, a simple, natural (-looking ;D) bridal look!

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