Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a Different World...

There have been moments that changed my life completely. But never as much as this. Like when we decided to move to Geneva, we left behind everything and started life anew here -- a totally different life. But soon I got used to it to some extent, I've learned how to survive, how to live here.
Now I'm beginning a different path again.

My dear friends, we've got engaged. It's turned my life upside down and I'm still "recovering" (he's a genius, surprised me so much I can still hardly believe it!) but I'm so very very happy!!!!

This has turned this blog into a living-working-getting-married-in-Switzerland how-to survival guide XD So I'll be posting all sorts of information on how things can be done over here.

I'm really (OK, a bit) behind schedule with my thesis, but I'll have to learn to juggle things around.

Abientot! ;)


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