Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as a Simple Wedding? (Fight for your dreams! Even if others say they're not worth it!)

So we're back. To Plan A.
This is good. I liked Plan A. So we're keeping it simple. But what is simple? Is there such a ting as a simple wedding? I've googled it and there were no results... 'Course I misspelt! ;) But it made me think...

I've been told so many times during the past couple of weeks that we shouldn't give a damn about others and just go on with our plans. 'Coz it's our wedding, not theirs. Still, I have this nightmare of people whispering behind our backs and their slices of cake what a shabby affair our wedding is... And it's not my subconscious. I've examined it (it says it's ok and hi you guys...) and it's not that. I subconsciously want a simple wedding. So what is my fear about?

I don't know. I guess I just like to be perfect. Or thought to be perfect. And though I don't want a big fuss, I do want the feelings and stuff that surround it. I mean the joy on everyone's face and the gasps when I appear in my beautiful dress and the yumming when they're eating... But I have to realize it's not a present for them. It really is our wedding.

But what is a simple wedding? Does it exist? And by simple I don't mean the two of us and witnesses (and parents). But I definitely don't want a wedding with 100 guests. So it's not a small wedding I'm talking about, neither a minimalist one. I'm rather thinking a nice number (like 30 or so), and an easy flow of events. Things should rather be comfortable yet elegant than fancy.

My dress will be something I can freely hop around, dance and move. The food should be something that tastes awesome and is plenty rather than sounds or looks good. Decorations should be natural and cute instead of gigantic and intricate. Guests should feel at ease and enjoy themselves instead of wondering whether their gowns fit or feel overwhelmed. And it should all happen among trees and birds and grass and flowers and a magnificent blue sky.

I think it should make everyone present smile. And I guess that's the most we can do for them at our wedding...

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