Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cross-Europe Wedding Planning

It's starting. I can hear the engine warming up...

So we've signed authorizations for the parents to get our papers from the Register Office(s) in Hungary. They're getting them done now and then they'll be off to the official translators (the papers not the parents... well, actually both...) and to the Foreign Office/Secretary/Ministry (anyway, it's Hungary so...) for stamping. That will take a while. Anyway, we're getting closer every day.

It's not just the ceremony in Geneva and the party in Hungary that I'm working on (and my thesis and finding a job and...), but I'm also fighting for all kinds of supplies from the US. I should have put Worldwide in the title...

I'm desperately waiting for my engagement ring too. I haven't mentioned this but it had to be sent back to Blue Nile (awesome stuff they have!) to resize. So grooms-to-be, heed this: be careful about ring measurement. Most methods su... don't work. He measured my smallest ever ring only to learn at that precious moment that even that one's too big for my ring finger. So I've been engaged for weeks now (feels so good to say!) but without my ring... Well, it'll be here soon.

Along with the awesome makeup I've ordered. Wonder how much the customs clearance will be... Anyway, I need something that stays put for... days :D It's gonna be a looong wedding! :D So I'd better be off and plan... or write a new Results chapter as the one I have now su... doesn't work :)

(As you can see I'm working on my style. I really have to ditch swearing... not to bridey :D)

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