Monday, February 22, 2010

Bridal Makeup Videos

Ok, I really like this one for a more dramatic look.

I guess this is the staple for that classic bridal makeup.

This is really natural but also sultry and beautiful.

Check this out for a soft shimmering look. (I love kandee!)

Another one by kandee for darker eyes (it's stilly pretty natural but too dark for my eyetone)!

I love this look but you really need your imagination and skills because the camera doesn't show a lot of it =)

This one and this one are great for more understated but still gorgeous results. (I'm sorry I always mute it 'coz I'm crazy and the accent gives me the creeps but they're awesome videos!)

I'll post new videos as soon as I find some inspirational ones. These are looks that I particularly liked for some reason or other but of course there are more. But as I'm going for a special look, I'm really picky. ;)

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