Friday, February 26, 2010

Best DIY Wedding Invitations!

Ooooooooh! We have the loveliest idea! Sorry, guys, can't tell you about it. So this is a secretive post.

But if you're having a headache about yours, I can give you some tips.

I've looked around on the web and I have to admit I didn't find any invitations I'd happily order. As the wedding's going to be so special, I want the invitations to be special too. Thought of videos: not my type if not immaculately done and then it's just more expensive than the wedding. I didn't like any of the preprinted sheets either (you know the ones with flowers, etc.), nor the postcard type sets. So here's what I've done.

  • I've looked at tons of pics about wedding decor and invitations (I soon ditched the latter from my search box) and formed a general idea of what I want, more like a lingering impression than anyting else.
  • Then I looked at DIY guides to invitations and decor. I didn't find any that I'd copy but they gave me great ideas as to what one can do and again helped form my own ideas.
  • So I had a vague image of what I wanted. Then looking at invitations that remotely matched my criteria, keeping in mind all the DIY methods, I started thinking how I could make those and better.
  • So I'll copy the concept of a traditional invitation (e.g. where to put what), use DIY methods, but keep the style I've been dreaming of aaand add my own personal touch (the secret ingredient).

To give you an idea:

There's an invitation you kind of like. But you don't want to order it, because it's just too expensive and the bigger issue is that you don't like the blue flowers glued around the text. Here's what you can do.

  • Buy blank (or colored) postcards/letter sheets
  • At a craft store you're bound to find the same little fabric flowers/raffia bows/whatever, only in every color and size. So you can pick whatever you want.
  • You can print your own invitations or have them printed if necessary.
  • Then you can take some time with your best friends/little helpers/partner/bridesmaids and glue the little flowers or whatever else there is to be done. You can give the job to a crafty acquaintance and pay them as well, if you really shirk from doing it. But it's relaxing, it's fun, it's cheap and

It's really unique! ;)

You can always add something that noone else have ever thought of! ;)

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