Sunday, February 28, 2010

Geneva in Spring!

Since I've done a Geneva in winter collection, I have to add a few photos of the city in spring as well. So that you guys know that it's spring in Geneva! Although it changes from amazing sunshine to summery rain and back like five times a day, it's around 10 °C all the time and it really smells like spring. I saw the sprouts appearing on trees in snow covered Jura yesterday, so I'm sure it's spring.

I took these last week-end when we had that out of the blue engagement party (literally) and took a stroll by the lake. Enjoy! ;)

Ohh, this one's an "engagement breakfast" =D In case you're wondering, it's cherry tomatoes and mozzarella hearts. Isn't it simply cute?

Let me know what you think! ;)

Jura et Vaud en Raquettes! // Snowsoe Trails & Tips

It's time I wrote this post. But we had the most amazing trip yesterday so I'll include that as well and do a pic review of three trails on the whole:

Alpes Vaudoises -- Les Diablerets (Les Rosaries)
Jura -- Ste-Croix (Chasseron -- almost =D)
Jura -- La Givrine (La Cure -- almost =D)

OK, our snowshoes look really nice and sturdy but the laces are plain awful. I'd either have to check them every 10 minutes or walk (as I do) carefully. A bit more hold would be awesome.

So here are some pix from the Diablerets trip. First from Geneva we took the train to Aigle and then from there a small train runs like hourly to the village of Les Diablerets. We took the ski lift to Isenau then mostly followed the trail 2 or 3 (they go along for a wile) or just the scent :) But it's real easy to find your way there. (The pix are bit jumbled, sorry... I'll put them in order as soon as I find the time...)

As the Alpes Vaudoises were a bit too far from Geneva, next time we opted for the Jura mountains. They can be seen from Geneva on a clear day and they look really tempting with their gentle snowy slopes. So we went to Yverdon-les-Bains by train and took the little train to Ste-Croix (runs hourly). Then we followed the trail to Chasseron but turned back like halfway there. We left home a bit late (didn't want to wake up early =D) and took our time walking through the forest so we wouldn't have had time to make it back to the railway if we hadn't. So to "give you the envy" as the French say (in English =D; it comes from the French phrase avoir envie de... which means to feel like doing sg):

Yestreday we went ... no not further but closer. We chose the part of the Jura which is closest to Geneva. From Nyon we took the little train (NStCM, a weird name, but this is how you'll find it) to La Givrine and then let our feet (and the plastic "plates") take us wherever. We wanted to get off at St-Cergue but as we couldn't see much snow from the train, we stayed on. Took like an hour by public transport to get there but it was like the most beautiful of our trips so far. And due to the plastic thingies we bought (for CHF19 at the station), the most fun too! Check out the pix:

(Regardless of age, there's fun to be had for everyone!)
(So let the fun begin! XD)
(This is just plain awesome!)(I heart Jura!)(At the end of a slope...)
(A snowstorm started to form as we were waiting at the station...)

So which one was better? Well, if you're going for more fun and less exhaustion, I'd recommend the Jura. There are many reasons to choose it over the Alpes (Vaud or Valais). For one: I love the Alpes. They look so beautiful! But when I'm there, I can hardly see them from the peaks immediately surrounding me. From the Jura you can see them perfectly, all the snowcapped giants sparkling in the sun. I love that view.

Second, the Jura has nice gentle slopes, which means you're not climbing up & down all the time, which is inevitable in the Alpes (Vaud or Valais still, I'm not talking about the area around Bern, which is slightly different). And with our snowshoes it was really painful. Besides, you have to watch your steps and can't really be gazing around -- which I like to do when hiking.

Also, there are much less skiers in the Jura. Not that it's a problem if they are but this also means that the environment is just more peaceful and you're more at your leisure. I prefer rough trails to cleaned-up ones so I don't like walking from one ski spot to the other. Well, you can't really get lost in the Jura either or if you do you can find your way back any time. We were actually walking in the wrong direction once (no wonder we didn't get to La Cure...) but found our way back using a GPS. But just plain logic can also get you back to the railway/motorway.

So, I hope this helps. I've been looking for more information on snowshoe trips that are

not between ski slopes
not only reachable by car
not to far from Geneva

but so far I haven't found much. I'm having a hard time deciding where to go each time we're planning a trip. Well, these hikes have been really nice, so check them out if you haven't! ;)

And have fun snowshoeing! ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

2000 Dollar Wedding

OK, it's not gonna be ours, don't worry. =D (Though I love the idea, our people are not... really... like that. Besides, there are a couple of things the young couple really insist on...)

But I just love the advice Sara gives here:

"(10) Start with the Big Picture, Not the Details
Sit down with your fiancé and figure out what kind of wedding you want. What do you want to be able to say about it when it’s over? What do you want your guests to say? How will you make your wedding memorable, relaxing, and fun? Develop a list of your goals and vision and then move on to the smaller details. Always ask yourself, “Does this small detail align with my broader goals?” Make decisions accordingly.

(9) Make It Happen
Once you know what kind of wedding you and your fiancé want to have, make it happen. Don’t let your parents’ preferences and tastes, your insecurities, or your budget get in the way. Have courage, stand your ground, and be creative. Your wedding should represent you and your fiancé, not anyone else.

(8) Limit the Guest List to Your Nearest and Dearest
Your wedding is not a show. It’s a celebration of your commitment and your community. You will feel much less stressed and nervous if you are truly surrounded by your closest friends and family. It’s your day. Don’t let anyone else commandeer the guest list for their own purposes.
(7) Distinguish Between Wants and Needs
When you’re planning a wedding, everything feels like a must-have. Use the 10-10-10 rule that was featured in O! Magazine: when making a decision, ask yourself: “What will be the effects of this decision in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years?” It will help you keep everything in perspective. Not everything is important.

(6) Don’t Let Your Wedding Overshadow Your Relationship
Planning a wedding takes a lot of compromise and consensus. It’s highly likely that you will disagree and probably even fight. Just remember that your wedding is only one day of your lives together. Don’t get too wrapped up in it.

(5) Build Relationships with Vendors
Working with others to bring your wedding to fruition is a very stressful process. There has to be a lot of trust. Do your best to build relationships with people along the way. They will have more investment in the wedding and be willing to go above and beyond for you. You will have fewer doubts about their reliability.

(4) Don’t Forget the Ceremony
Don’t get so caught up in the invitations, dress, flowers, reception, music, and catering that you neglect to put the same kind of thought and attention into your ceremony. The purpose of a wedding is to publicly declare your commitment and seek support from your community. It’s important! (And make sure your guests can hear everything that’s said during the ceremony.)
(3) Dress Comfortably
It’s your wedding. You should enjoy yourself. Make sure you can walk, dance, and move comfortably from head to toe, from ceremony to reception. Seriously.

(2) Moderate Your Wedding Porn Viewing
Don’t spend too much time reading wedding magazines and blogs. Yes, they give you ideas. Yes, they are fun. But mainly they just make you doubt things you’ve already decided on.

(1) Just Breathe
Planning a wedding is stressful. Your expectations are high and the stakes feel high even higher. But remember: No matter what happens with the details (the weather, the vendors, the food) you will be married in the end. And anything that goes wrong will make a great story."

I love you, Sara! ;)

Best DIY Wedding Invitations!

Ooooooooh! We have the loveliest idea! Sorry, guys, can't tell you about it. So this is a secretive post.

But if you're having a headache about yours, I can give you some tips.

I've looked around on the web and I have to admit I didn't find any invitations I'd happily order. As the wedding's going to be so special, I want the invitations to be special too. Thought of videos: not my type if not immaculately done and then it's just more expensive than the wedding. I didn't like any of the preprinted sheets either (you know the ones with flowers, etc.), nor the postcard type sets. So here's what I've done.

  • I've looked at tons of pics about wedding decor and invitations (I soon ditched the latter from my search box) and formed a general idea of what I want, more like a lingering impression than anyting else.
  • Then I looked at DIY guides to invitations and decor. I didn't find any that I'd copy but they gave me great ideas as to what one can do and again helped form my own ideas.
  • So I had a vague image of what I wanted. Then looking at invitations that remotely matched my criteria, keeping in mind all the DIY methods, I started thinking how I could make those and better.
  • So I'll copy the concept of a traditional invitation (e.g. where to put what), use DIY methods, but keep the style I've been dreaming of aaand add my own personal touch (the secret ingredient).

To give you an idea:

There's an invitation you kind of like. But you don't want to order it, because it's just too expensive and the bigger issue is that you don't like the blue flowers glued around the text. Here's what you can do.

  • Buy blank (or colored) postcards/letter sheets
  • At a craft store you're bound to find the same little fabric flowers/raffia bows/whatever, only in every color and size. So you can pick whatever you want.
  • You can print your own invitations or have them printed if necessary.
  • Then you can take some time with your best friends/little helpers/partner/bridesmaids and glue the little flowers or whatever else there is to be done. You can give the job to a crafty acquaintance and pay them as well, if you really shirk from doing it. But it's relaxing, it's fun, it's cheap and

It's really unique! ;)

You can always add something that noone else have ever thought of! ;)

Nice Customers Finish Last.

So true. And I'm not thinking of the rude that elbow forward and shout their request at the unfortunate vendor, shoving you aside. But in Switzerland if you're weak, you're out. And not only here.

I've had so much experience with customer service (who hasn't?) and I can tell you one thing. Nothing is set in stone, mostly the rules of refunds and returns, and additional services and speed of service, and... Basically all the fringe that you get with a product. Of course, the price's on the tag, usually can't bargain, but it's not totally unimportant what you get with a product. These are mostly things you don't pay for but can determine lots of things, to begin with your mood.

So here's the deal: there are lots of fringe benefits to enjoy in Switzerland (and elsewhere where customer service flourishes, not in Hungary though) but if you don't ask for them, no one will tell you they exist.

The other phenomenon I'm a big fan of is called chasing. It doesn't mean that you actually chase shop assistants around. It rather refers to kind emails and calls and smiles directed at the said assistant/online vendor/transporter inquiring after your purchase.

The best example I can think of for the first one is queuing up in CH. Everyone's smiling, everyone's very polite, but the first to catch the eye of the lady at the counter is served first, regardless of the queue. If there's an obvious line of people waiting (e.g. train stations), politely wait for your turn. But in most shops the assistant looks around with a smile, saying something like bonjour, madame, mademoiselle...? -- which translates: I'm here to help you but have no idea who arrived first. This is your cue. Step in. Smile. Order. No one will think you're rude, they'll be browsing the shop some more.

Also, at supermarkets, ask for collectibles like points or small toys for the kids or vouchers. Go like I've heard you had some vouchers over 100 francs of purchase? Oh, so you don't have it anymore? Well, thanks! and smile. The same goes for special wrapping, gift cards, guarantee certificates.

BF's just returned a (very expensive) watch. Vendor said it would be 6 weeks (!) to get it repaired. BF said he could no way be without a watch for six weeks. Vendor: then we'll just exchange it. On the spot. In 2 minutes. You see what I'm talking about?

Also, I've been waiting for my engagement ring for ever. Seen the posts, know what I mean. According to the website (it has a tracking option) it's supposed to be shipped today. Well, our correspondent wrote it will be shipped like 3 days later. I lost my patience. We mailed them kindly, asking what the hell was going on. And they apologized in a whole page only to let us know they'll handle our affairs express. Well, see? Patient and nice customers sit at home while their goods are weeks late because vendors (well, let's face it, justly) assume that they can wait.

What's the bottom line? It's a tough world out there for customers. And it's especially good to know if you're planning a wedding. I don't think it's a surprise that I won't risk it again with the wedding rings. Blue Nile's jewelry's extremely beautiful (and their prices are nice too!) but I don't know. It's just too annoying. I can imagine the groom nervously texting on his blackberry before the ceremony to check whether they've shipped the rings... It's just not my kind of fun.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cross-Europe Wedding Planning

It's starting. I can hear the engine warming up...

So we've signed authorizations for the parents to get our papers from the Register Office(s) in Hungary. They're getting them done now and then they'll be off to the official translators (the papers not the parents... well, actually both...) and to the Foreign Office/Secretary/Ministry (anyway, it's Hungary so...) for stamping. That will take a while. Anyway, we're getting closer every day.

It's not just the ceremony in Geneva and the party in Hungary that I'm working on (and my thesis and finding a job and...), but I'm also fighting for all kinds of supplies from the US. I should have put Worldwide in the title...

I'm desperately waiting for my engagement ring too. I haven't mentioned this but it had to be sent back to Blue Nile (awesome stuff they have!) to resize. So grooms-to-be, heed this: be careful about ring measurement. Most methods su... don't work. He measured my smallest ever ring only to learn at that precious moment that even that one's too big for my ring finger. So I've been engaged for weeks now (feels so good to say!) but without my ring... Well, it'll be here soon.

Along with the awesome makeup I've ordered. Wonder how much the customs clearance will be... Anyway, I need something that stays put for... days :D It's gonna be a looong wedding! :D So I'd better be off and plan... or write a new Results chapter as the one I have now su... doesn't work :)

(As you can see I'm working on my style. I really have to ditch swearing... not to bridey :D)

So How's It Been in Geneva?

Good. Been good. Yepp.

Well, it's kind of spring. The weather seems to copy my mood a lot, it changes from dazzling sunshine to pouring rain and back in a matter of minutes. I'm not moody! =D Sure, not.

I guess I am a bit. But is it any surprise? I mean I'm juggling wedding and thesis and final exam... But enough of that. I'm not one of those brides (I am a bride... amazing!) that go crazy planning the wedding. Sure, not.

I'm one of those brides that are in Geneva and like it. Still. It's such a wonderful city, I can't tell you how much I love it. It's so small, so you can easily go (almost) anywhere on foot. But it's big enough that it has all the cultural events, programs and such things that metropolises have. It's also so cute with the old town and the buildings that they've taken such good care of that nothing's ever tore down here. (This goes for 50s-60s style houses too, which is so pathetic it's even funny.)

And I love the mountains all around, with snow caps while here you can lounge in sunshine at the bank of the river and watch seagulls and swans and weird little birds with funny rubbery legs. Though I'm only dreaming about tours of the city and walks by the lake. I'm mostly indoors, writing stuff and reading stuff. But soon the weather will be warm enough for me to read on benches or in cafes. And I'll have more time to look for jobs and plan and plan and plan and plan...

But I don't want anyone to think that the city is any less awesome. It's just my life that's a bit complicated at the moment. But I guess life's always what you make of it so... I just really want to finish my thesis so that I can focus on other projects.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as a Simple Wedding? (Fight for your dreams! Even if others say they're not worth it!)

So we're back. To Plan A.
This is good. I liked Plan A. So we're keeping it simple. But what is simple? Is there such a ting as a simple wedding? I've googled it and there were no results... 'Course I misspelt! ;) But it made me think...

I've been told so many times during the past couple of weeks that we shouldn't give a damn about others and just go on with our plans. 'Coz it's our wedding, not theirs. Still, I have this nightmare of people whispering behind our backs and their slices of cake what a shabby affair our wedding is... And it's not my subconscious. I've examined it (it says it's ok and hi you guys...) and it's not that. I subconsciously want a simple wedding. So what is my fear about?

I don't know. I guess I just like to be perfect. Or thought to be perfect. And though I don't want a big fuss, I do want the feelings and stuff that surround it. I mean the joy on everyone's face and the gasps when I appear in my beautiful dress and the yumming when they're eating... But I have to realize it's not a present for them. It really is our wedding.

But what is a simple wedding? Does it exist? And by simple I don't mean the two of us and witnesses (and parents). But I definitely don't want a wedding with 100 guests. So it's not a small wedding I'm talking about, neither a minimalist one. I'm rather thinking a nice number (like 30 or so), and an easy flow of events. Things should rather be comfortable yet elegant than fancy.

My dress will be something I can freely hop around, dance and move. The food should be something that tastes awesome and is plenty rather than sounds or looks good. Decorations should be natural and cute instead of gigantic and intricate. Guests should feel at ease and enjoy themselves instead of wondering whether their gowns fit or feel overwhelmed. And it should all happen among trees and birds and grass and flowers and a magnificent blue sky.

I think it should make everyone present smile. And I guess that's the most we can do for them at our wedding...

Wedding Planning...

I'm not freaking out. I'm just thinking of giving up.

I have my little helpers doing the paperwork for me back in Hungary. But I still have a 3 page long to-do list and I'm all alone with it.

What really makes things difficult is that I have all these expectations thrown at me. On the one hand it should be fairly cheap and simple. I love the idea of an easy going atmosphere, where people don't have to worry about their clothes, etc. But on the other hand I keep being told how wonderful some recent weddings were that people went to, and how no one's gonna remember ours... Well, isn't it for us to remember (and not as a nightmare)? Am I missing something?

So there's the pressure of pleasing everyone, while being true to our original plans (and budget...). To be honest I think if everybody has a great time and we enjoy it just as much, that makes a perfect wedding. But I'm always confronted with what others want and I'm just really not a good planner, so I'd rather keep to the original plan... It's so very difficult to arrange everything through the internet and have it perfect.

Besides, I really like the original plan... And I'm sure it would "please" the guests as well: they'd enjoy it because it's so easy and free of pretense and constraints and it'll really have a great atmosphere! And they'd see how happy we are! Isn't that enough?

Isn't it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bridal Makeup Videos

Ok, I really like this one for a more dramatic look.

I guess this is the staple for that classic bridal makeup.

This is really natural but also sultry and beautiful.

Check this out for a soft shimmering look. (I love kandee!)

Another one by kandee for darker eyes (it's stilly pretty natural but too dark for my eyetone)!

I love this look but you really need your imagination and skills because the camera doesn't show a lot of it =)

This one and this one are great for more understated but still gorgeous results. (I'm sorry I always mute it 'coz I'm crazy and the accent gives me the creeps but they're awesome videos!)

I'll post new videos as soon as I find some inspirational ones. These are looks that I particularly liked for some reason or other but of course there are more. But as I'm going for a special look, I'm really picky. ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010


OK, so here are couple of tips I just find so helpful these days. (I promise I won't turn this into a beauty blog! But Geneva's gray and rainy for the most part in winter, so...)

Glowing cheeks: The easiest, cheapest and most awesome way to achieve this look is to use a rich moisturizer under your foundation. I know some shrink from it but I even massage it into my skin (feels sooo good!) for the glow to be the most natural.

Oil for oil: I could never believe it. But I've hard it so much (on youtube, blogs, etc.) that oils actually help oily skin, that I just had to try it. I don't really have oily skin. But there are areas where I'd rather avoid oily products, so I guess this leaves me with combination skin. (I don't like to call it that, but whatever.) I've recently had a couple of spots and because I wanted a soft and healthy feel to my skin I stopped using drying products on them and started massaging my face with a rich oily cream. Wow! I woke up in the morning, and all the redness was gone from my face. I have no idea how this happened. Some say that oils clear your skin by removing oil from it... I really don't know. But it feels great! ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Wedding Makeup (simple, natural, cute, etc =D)

Sorry for not posting photos but "you're not supposed to see the bride", right?

I've been looking for a natural but beautiful wedding makeup for like... ever since I got engaged. I know this is not supposed to be such an important part of wedding planning -- but I can see now that most of the planning I'm doing is in order to avoid some things I've seen at weddings and pictures.

So from the first moment on I was obsessed with the idea of a natural fresh flawless makeup look. I wanted none of the heavy foundation and accentuated mauve lips and huge fake lashes. These can be done in a really sexy way, I'll admit that, but I just wanted to look less made up on my wedding day than ever. I guess for me this is what makes it kind of special, as I normally wear lots of colors and bold monotones and sparkly lashes and... well, obvious makeup. But this is not gonna happen on my wedding day.

Partly because I really don't want to be doing any touch ups and also because the theme of the whole thing is nature and it's really going to be a comfortable event, I'm going for that barely there look. This obviously doesn't mean that I'm not going to wear makeup. But it won't look as if I was.

OK, so the look. It's all over the internet (and commercials, etc.) so I'm not posting photos here. It's about glowing peachy cheeks, huge innocent eyes, natural pinky lips. So I've checked everywhere (youtube, wedding sites, pics, whatever) and have come up with a few ground rules for this look to follow.

1) No shimmer or sparkle. These usually look weird in photos (especially with flash)! So if you have a fav product that you can't ditch even for a day XD take lots of photos to try what it will look like. Also consider the conditions (indoor/outdoor, time of day, etc.)

2) No real colors. If you want your makeup to really blend into your natural coloring, use only nude, neutral tones. It's basically about contouring and creating natural-looking shadows on the face.

3) No harsh lines. I'm definitely going to use an eyeliner (I guess fluid but it's undecided as yet. I really love Too Faced Liquif-Eye, because it can be made into any color, but I might just go with a waterproof pencil), but no definite flicks or very black lines.

4) Use stuff that you're comfortable wearing. You don't want to feel your makeup or worry about it. (For instance, I've just found L'Oreal Color Riche in 455 the other day and it feels so very good on my lips and one coat gives the exact bitten pink shade I'm looking for! And I won't even mind if it comes off as I only need to reapply a tiny bit without a mirror.)

So basically I'm going to
  • (Apply a rich moisturizer and some foundation/concealer/whatever needed for a flawless look.)
  • Prime my lids.
  • Spread a neutral skin-toned mat shadow on the upper lid (a bit above the crease as well).
  • Use an eyeliner in gray/soft black close to my upper lashline.
  • Line my lower waterline/wetline with a white pencil (I use a (noname) jumbo pencil, as I don't want any stark lines).
  • Spread this color on my upper lid and below the browbone as well as the inner corner of the eye & blend with my fingertips (you can do this confidently as you're going to blend but this is what will make your eyes look big, sparkly and innocent).
  • Use a mat pink-ish neutral shadow on top of it in the outer half of my upper lids (to create dimension and add a bit of color, while matching the rest of the look).
  • Line the outer part of my lower lashline with a mocha pencil (just to connect with the white you've blended, so don't need to go all the way in...)
  • Blend a little bit of a mat mocha color in my crease and
  • Blend the whole look together a little bit, without making the colors totally disappear. :)
  • Take care of my brows. :)
  • Curl lashes & apply mascara.
  • A hint of peachy blush and pink lipstick (I hate glosses but glosslovers can apply some ;]) and ready to hit the aisle!

I really don't know if this helps... =D But I've been looking for something like this for a week now without success. So here it is, a simple, natural (-looking ;D) bridal look!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Organizing a Wedding in Switzerland

Well, currently we're working on like plan 2342... The first one, the huge Swiss wedding, soon turned out to be impossible to organize, let alone pay for. It's not really the money but it's obvious that we couldn't really stick to the location, the date and our wedding list as well as the fantastic ideas we had. So we had to weight which ones we're going to stick with and at the moment we're planning a much less impossible mission. It still has to be accomplished though.

I won't go into details here (not that I have many -- I guess I don't want to jinx the few ideas I have...).

This is just a quick note to give you a couple of links and stuff to help all who are planning a wedding in Switzerland.

1) It's the Etat Civil (Register Office) of your home town/region that's responsible for the legal process. You'll have to take all your papers there so that they can issue a permission. If it's established that you're permitted to get married in CH, you can choose (almost) any other location, normally a Town Hall.

2) Other than that, there are a few fantastic locations in Switzerland to check out, available on selected dates only.

3) This site is awesome in giving (French/German/Italian) details on the process, your rights, etc.

4) And this is for Hungarians, doing the planning in Hungary.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fight for Your Dreams! XD

OK, it's definitely not easy. We've chosen a wonderful location (not telling you before it's booked, I don't wanna jinx it... but of course you can always google me...) and are now fighting for our dream wedding. And fighting hard.

So here's what you have to do if you're planning to have a wedding in Switzerland:

1) Go to (the homepage of) the Etat Civil/Register Office of the location of your choice. In the case of the Bernese Oberland it's the Office of Bern, where you have to chose the arrondissement, the village or town and then apply there.

2) You'll need a demande en vue du mariage, which means that you apply for a permission to get married in CH. If you've both filled in the form and signed it you have 2 options: A) bring/mail it to the Register Office and have them give you a list of the papers you'll need to gather (and sometimes translate) and when you have them you can hand in the form accompanied by the documents OR B) you can start preparing the following documents and bring them with you to see if they're enough.

IN MOST CASES YOU DON'T NEED ALL OF THEM so you might contact the Register Office beforehand but the thing is they weren't willing to inform me before I fill in a form :-s

- permit(s)
- attestation de domicile (home address confirmation or sg like that =D)
- proof that you're widowed/divorced if you're either
- acte de famille (we don't need this)
- birth certificate (not older than 6 months!)
- proof you're not married (attestation d'etat civil actuel -- from the place of your home address!)
- affidavit (we don't need this either so I have no idea what this is =D)
- acte du précédent mariage (obviously)
- proof of your ever changeing your name (after marriage, divorce or fashion =D)
- passport, ID (obviously)
- birth c. of children
- their "adoption" by you (you had to do this apparently when they were born, if you're not married)
- proof of their nationality
- declaration of your name after the marriage (that is if you're doing anything other that "common" in CH)

Some have to be translated (not passports of course) and some need the pricey sigil of the Apostille.

So. Now we're busy doing all this. I hope this helps if you're thinking about having your wedding in Switzerland.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swiss Wedding

Foreigners marrying in Switzerland (Geneva) can find more information at the Etat Civil. But I'll have to go there in person to collect the list of documents they'll need. I'll be updating. Stay tuned! ;)

It's a Different World...

There have been moments that changed my life completely. But never as much as this. Like when we decided to move to Geneva, we left behind everything and started life anew here -- a totally different life. But soon I got used to it to some extent, I've learned how to survive, how to live here.
Now I'm beginning a different path again.

My dear friends, we've got engaged. It's turned my life upside down and I'm still "recovering" (he's a genius, surprised me so much I can still hardly believe it!) but I'm so very very happy!!!!

This has turned this blog into a living-working-getting-married-in-Switzerland how-to survival guide XD So I'll be posting all sorts of information on how things can be done over here.

I'm really (OK, a bit) behind schedule with my thesis, but I'll have to learn to juggle things around.

Abientot! ;)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Writing an MA Thesis...

I'm lagging behind with my posts because I'm so working on my thesis. I've got to the exciting part and ... well, I'm pretty excited =) I know how hard it is to sit down and start writing, so here are a couple of tips (which I've all learned the hard way...)

Rule # 1: It's not a horrible task looming over you. You must have chosen the topic because you thought it was interesting, so be interested. Writing a thesis is like crowning all your university work and it had better be sort of fun. So if you haven't chosen a topic yet, choose one that fascinates you.

Rule # 2: You can do it your own way. There are lots of guidelines but the decisions are yours. So start wherever you want. If you wake up with lots of ideas about the middle section -- start there. It's your work, who's to say what to do when!

Rule # 3: Brainstorm like hell. Supposedly all the work's already done in your head, whether you know it or not. Brainstorm a lot. Whenever you have a new section to write or you just cannot decide how to put a paragraph together. Draw those clouds together.

Rule # 4: Just do it. And redo it. Write and read and rewrite a section as many times as you want. If you have great ideas you don't have to wait until you find the best means to write them down. Draft, redraft, make a draft for the  draft. =D

Rule # 5: Enjoy! I reeeeeaaaaally enjoy working on it, once I stop thinking about what a huge project it is. It's so much fun! You can see the data turn into numbers that turn into facts and theories. It's so exciting!

Rule # 6: Don't force it. If you're feeling blue or depressed, don't sit in front of your screen pitying yourself. Take a walk or a nap, watch a movie -- but promise yourself once you feel better you'll work hard. These activities (or passivities =D) are to relax your mind so that you can concentrate, and not to postpone work altogether.

Rule # 7: Give yourself time. Be realistic. The claims that I'll do this and that in the morning and in the afternoon I'll write 10 pages usually don't stand their ground. If you're planning to be working, don't tire yourself with other things beforehand. Set realistic goals and give yourself time to achieve them. It's much more depressing if your task is unrealistic.

OK, I guess that's all the wisdom for today =) Seriously, these tips have been lifesaving for me. I have to remind myself of their truth sometimes but in general I enjoy my work  a lot.

Have fun with your theses! =)                                                                           xxx