Saturday, January 23, 2010

I love Swiss cheese!

Doesn't it look fantastic? It's called Vacherin. There are several different types (this one is Vacherin Mont D'Or) but in general it's a kind of soft cheese with a harder crust, usually kept in a pine box.

The best way to eat it is to make small holes in the crust with a fork/knife, add like a glass of white wine and tuck some little pieces of garlic under the crust and bake it for like 25 minutes (180 °C). Sooo delicious!

Don't forget to wrap it in tin foil before you start pouring the wine! ;) And as you can see you can also add your favorite spices -- as it has quite a distinctive taste due to the wooden box and the fermenting process, it takes quite a lot of spices but the result is just wonderful.

Try it! Enjoy! ;)


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  2. We had this cheese on my last visit. I was day dreaming about it constantly, but at $40 something Canadian, I just couldn't budge. Then my great friend went to the store and we bought it for 12CHF... Ah heaven in comparison! Looks so delicious!

  3. Yeah, I absolutely love it! I haven't seen it outside Switzerland, though I've been told that it can be bought in Hungary as well... Really a pity that it's only available in winter. We're trying to eat as much as we can.